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So, what’s a Travelport? Put simply, we’re a technology provider to the Travel industry. We’ve built a platform for businesses who sell travel (Airlines, Hotels, Car-rental companies) to list their availability on. Those flights, hotel rooms and cars then get distributed (by our awesome platform) to our subscribers. Our subscribers are businesses who buy Travel (Travel agencies, Online Travel agencies, Travel management companies), the things WE ALL use when we’re buying travel.

Let’s think, you’re thinking of going to Italy… you boot up your laptop, phone, tablet etc & search on various applications for trips between certain dates and within SECONDS, you have hotels, flights, excursion options, rental vehicle options all at your fingertips. Well, how does it get there? Travelport. A Global Distribution System.

We live & breath our values. They are not just phrases that get stuck up on our website & circulated a few times a year.

We Put People First.

We Keep Things Simple.

We Stay One Step Ahead.

We Be Bold To Win.

The office culture is extraordinary. Fancy a board game to clear your brain? Let’s go. Fancy a slice of cake and a coffee? Let’s go? Shall we go somewhere more comfortable for our meeting? Let’s go?

We’ve got a one-of-a-kind Bistro on site, plenty of activities to keep you entertained but to give you a break from thinking and tons of relaxation areas with sofas and armchairs to make those all-important meetings, even better!

Finally, our team are SO embracive of our intern programs. We ALL look forward to the ambitious and talented students joining each year because of the infectious spirit and attitude they spread throughout the business. You make us better.

Don’t just take our word for it… come & see for yourself 😉.


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Awarded 9th in IT & Telecommunications Best 100 Student Employers 2020-2021


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"The role involved the creation of financial statements within the company and overseeing the company financial transactions. On the day to day, you would look into intracompany transactions of subsidiaries and work with accounting journals. Each month wou..." Read full review


"▪ Ensured group liquidity by maintaining sufficient funds in over 70 bank accounts to accommodate payments and transfers. ▪ Diligently assisted in decision-making on the amount of surplus invested into Money Market Funds and in executing FX trades to man..." Read full review

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  • Placement Year (10 Months+)

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