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Travelport is a Global Travel Technology company and the world's third largest Travel Commerce Platform (if this doesn't mean anything to you, don't worry! It will by the end of this page). Essentially, we are the middle man between two sets of customers, ‘Travel Providers’ (e.g. airlines & hotels) & ‘Travel Buyers’ (e.g. online travel agencies or travel management companies). Our software enables these two parties to buy, share & sell travel.

Let’s imagine you fancy a trip for two to Majorca! You visit an Online Travel Agency (e.g. and select Majorca between certain dates and within seconds you have hundreds of hotels, flights and car rental options… all at your fingertips… What brings all that information together and puts it in front of your eyes? Well, that's us, that's Travelport!

We do other cool tech stuff too… ever used the EasyJet app? We designed, created & maintain it!

When you embark on a career at Travelport we'll ensure your potential is nurtured and developed throughout your time with us. You’ll become part of a valued team where you can work hard, tackle new challenges and reach your potential as you deliver outstanding results and make a real impact. Not only this but you will help us give back to our local communities through fundraising and volunteering and you'll take part in our Internpreneurship initiative, which will empower you with the ability to change the way we work & function as a business.

We’re a bold bunch of diverse and talented people & we’re all on the same mission…to make Travelport the partner of choice for Travel's game changers.

We put people first. We stay one step ahead. We keep things simple. We win

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Facts and Figures

  • Average number of placements per year: 20
  • £103,000 fundraised by Travelport Interns since 2012. Supporting local charities is a fundamental part of our internship
  • Year-on-year, the % of interns returning to work at Travelport post internship continues to increase

Best Student Employer

Awarded 9th in IT & Telecommunications Best 100 Student Employers 2021 - 2022


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"The placement year was the best I could have asked for. The experience and the exposure that we have been given to the business has been brilliant." Read full review


" Running regular reports monthly or quarterly and send it off to other employees for decision making.  Create new reports from scratch using existing and new in-house data from Qliksense and Cognos as requested by other managers or employees.  Create detailed analysis of competitors, market and customer requirements, customer satisfaction levels, and segmentation and market trends  Provide support to the wider analytics team, based in the 4 primary regional hub locations (UK, Atlanta/Denver, Dubai, Singapore/Sydney) and other global locations.  Reporting on company products using in-house systems and making recommendations based on your findings  Create user guides and one-pagers to guide and attract customers to use Travelport’s tools.  Using attention to detail to Research and analyse data to identify key performance trends to uncover travel industry trends in our data such as people’s behaviour in travelling.  Meet customers face-to-face or over webinars to get understand their demands in a particular project." Read full review

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Opportunities offered:

  • Placement Year (10 Months+)

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