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Who we are

RateMyPlacement.co.uk is the UK’s leading jobs board for students seeking paid placements, internships and insight schemes.

Trusted by 112 universities, we work closely with 210 of the finest student employers in the land to help students from all degrees find a role that fits them.

Unlike other career sites, we also host thousands upon thousands of reviews written by students who have completed work experience. (Think of us like TripAdvisor, but for placements and internships rather than hotels in Barcelona.)

These reviews contain insights you won’t find anywhere else, like “there’s always cake on Fridays” or “there isn’t enough work for interns”, making them a great place to start your search.

After all, you wouldn’t stay in a hotel without reading the reviews first. So why commit to working for a company before doing the same?

Our story

RateMyPlacement was founded back in 2007 by a couple of friends at Loughborough University. Whilst looking for placements as part of their degree, Ollie and Ali found that the only place advertising them was a chaotic pinboard in their careers office…

How could they find the right scheme to apply for from this mess? More to the point, how could any student make an informed decision with so little information?

It was this lightbulb moment that inspired them to set up a review platform - RateMyPlacement.co.uk - where students could give honest feedback on their work experience.

Since then, over 70,000 students from across the world have left a review on our website, and around 2.5 million visit us every year to search for their dream job.

We champion employers who pay all their employees a fair wage, which is why we only advertise paid work experience. The average intern makes at least £20,000 pro-rata, so there’s simply no reason to undersell yourself.

Oliver Sidwell

Oliver Sidwell heads up the client side of the business, managing our Commercial team. He also keeps himself busy with co-hosting The Jack & Ollie Show | The Early Careers Podcast, representing Loughborough University as President of the Alumni Association and actively fundraising for WWF-UK.

Alastair Lindsay

Alastair Lindsay leads our Client Services team, and nothing makes him happier than if a campaign has gone well and a client is happy. Outside of work, you’ll often find him running - whether that’s round the park with a buggy in tow, or supporting Children with Cancer in the London Marathon.

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"I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to the team at RateMyPlacement because I was able to get an offer, and hence a placement, at A+E Networks UK through the RateMyPlacement website and its services." Maria, Second Year Student at University of Exeter

"I found my placement at Unilever through RateMyPlacement.co.uk and I’m telling all my friends to use your website!" Frankie, Loughborough University Student