29 November 2023

How To Spot The Green Flags In A Company

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Did you know that you spend a third of your life at work? 90,000 hours (on average)? That’s a lot of hours. A lot of time and energy spent investing: in a company, in your future, in yourself. 

So given that our careers play a huge role in our wellbeing and quality of life, it’s safe to say that where we work is just as important as what we do. 

Our working habits have changed, and now we know you don’t always need an office to be productive. We can be equally productive from home. And feel happier too.

If you’re looking for a company with a good work-life balance and excellent perks – one whose mission and values align with your own, read on to find out how to spot the green flags in your employer and ultimately find your dream role.

One sure sign that an employer cares about your wellbeing as an employee is through its benefits package. Employers who operate a people-first culture offer a variety of benefits ranging from hybrid work environments to financial coaching and mental health support.

Take L’Oréal. Back in 2013, L’Oréal launched the Share & Care programme to ensure its employees had access to the best social protection package while they were at work. 

These benefits include:

  • Flexible work options
  • Balanced parenthood, so you can live maternity / paternity to the full
  • Two years of guaranteed income in case of an unexpected life event.

It doesn’t end there. L’Oréal encourages employees to self-manage their mental health using the wellbeing app, Thrive. The app has 500+ users, 300+ of which are active. 

Additionally, its #BeatTheStigma campaign saw 33 mental health ambassadors trained on mental health first aid to support employees.

(Performance Marketing Intern, L’Oréal)

It’s hard to plan for retirement so early in your career. But ageing is a process, and one that happens to us all. So the sooner we’re prepared for it, the more relaxed we’ll be in our later years.

Luckily, some employers offer enhanced pension schemes, like HSBC. The bank will give you 10% of your first pensionable salary and match your contributions up to 7% thereafter.

Well, if you earn £24,000 a year and decide to pay the maximum amount of 7%, you’ll put in £1,680. HSBC will put in £1,680 – meaning £3,360 will go into your DC pension pot that year. 

Did you know that mental wellbeing is at the heart of HSBC life too?

As an employee, you’ll have access to a range of support services like mental health education courses and treatment via employee assistance programmes. 

You’ll learn how to spot signs of poor mental health, start supportive conversations with others and encourage your colleagues to get help, as and when they need it.

(Ian Stuart, CEO, HSBC UK)

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Everyone needs time off. Rest is important as it helps our bodies recharge and prepares us mentally for the challenges ahead. 

Most companies offer 24 days annual leave, with some allowing more. Internationally renowned law firm Taylor Wessing provides a responsible holiday policy which lets you take time off for volunteering and moving house, as well as an extra day off in December. 

The company has opened its first in-house counselling clinic too, offering virtual and in-person appointments with one of its qualified psychologists and psychotherapists in London.

Aside from having its own Wellbeing Network, Taylor Wessing has trained over 20 mental health first aiders across its UK offices to support colleagues on a daily basis and in the event of an emergency. 

In 2019, the firm was recognised by the Financial Times as ‘Healthiest New Entrant’ at Britain’s Healthiest Workplace awards.

Good employers recognise the hard work their employees bring to the business each day. Whether it’s through team shout-outs or ‘Employee Of The Month’ acknowledgements, recognition makes employees feel valued and appreciated.

Adobe has lots of award programmes to celebrate employee milestones. Its Founders’ Award recognises employees who exemplify Adobe’s core values while the Service Award consists of a commemorative plaque that’s given to you after five years working at the company.

Wellbeing matters at Adobe. Happy employees are productive ones, which is why mental health is vital to the company’s ongoing strategy. 

Here’s a list of Adobe’s wellbeing initiatives, with lots more on the way.

  • Free counselling sessions with professionals to help with emotional concerns
  • Free access to wellbeing apps Headspace and LifeDojo for employees
  • Healing through storytelling, where employees share life experiences in an honest and vulnerable way, building and strengthening empathy among teams
  • Company-wide leave throughout the year to allow staff to rest and recharge.

(Retention & E-Commerce Intern, Adobe)

You know the saying: health comes first. It’s true. Money keeps the world moving, but poor health stops it right in its tracks. To look after others, we need to look after ourselves first.

Working at Teach First means you and your family will gain access to private healthcare through Vitality Health Insurance. This will help you avoid GP waiting lists, get a quick diagnosis and receive necessary treatment.  

To top it off, the charity has introduced a range of programmes to protect its employees and help them thrive at work. These include:

  • Employee Assistance Programme –  Free, confidential support, with access to a 24-hour phone line, coaching, referrals and counselling
  • Wellbeing Course –  This module has been designed by Teach First and expert psychologists. You’ll work through a series of online and real-world activities that will help you understand your emotional response to certain situations
  • Mentors –  You’ll be given a mentor as soon as you start your programme. Your mentor will be someone in a senior or leadership role who’ll guide and support you as you adjust to life in the classroom.

Mental health matters. Your wellbeing too. 

Choose the right company. And see the difference it’ll make for you.