14 September 2023

Your Guide to Internships in London

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Internships are an essential stepping stone to getting full-time work in your dream career. They are a brilliant way of getting professional work experience under your belt before you enter the rat race; something that employers prize extremely highly.

Once you’ve decided which industry you’re interested in, you need to think about where you’d like to embark on this exciting adventure.

Our majestic capital is a magnet for world-class banks, fashion firms and tech companies, with many offering well-paid and rewarding internships.​

Already bagged yourself a shiny internship in the city? Or perhaps you’re unsure if the Big Smoke is for you? Read on to discover the ins and outs of interning in London.

Why you should consider doing an internship in London

London has been crowned the best city in the world to work, pipping both New York and Berlin to the post. Here are THREE key reasons to do your internship there:

#1 Get a taste for virtually any role or industry

There are countless opportunities available in almost every career field, including HR, Marketing, Accountancy, Law and IT.

You’ll also find an abundance of Fashion internships, as well as creative roles at startups, advertising agencies and charities.

#2 Earn a competitive salary

You’re likely to be paid considerably more than elsewhere in the UK.

This is due to both the higher cost of living and employers enticing the best candidates with generous wages and benefits packages.

Based on 4,897 reviews submitted by RateMyPlacement users, we found that the average salary for internships in London is £28,524 pro rata…

Compared to the national average of £25,971.

#3 Work for the Best Undergraduate Employers

Our Best 100 Employers list features the best UK companies to intern with. Scoring work experience at one of these prestigious companies will make your CV shine brighter than Meghan Markle’s engagement ring.

Every company in the Best 100 has opportunities in and around the London area. Here we link to their company profiles, where you can find current openings for their summer internships:

Want to know what real-life interns make of these employers? Click below for thousands of honest student-written reviews…

Golden Rules for Surviving London

With a population of over eight million people, a total area of 611 square miles and an underground transport system comprised of 270 stations, London is a wild and unruly beast.

However, it can easily be tamed by following a few simple rules. So don’t let that put you off looking for an internship there.

Unlock your potential. Move to London

  • Once you’ve secured your internship, scout out an affordable area to live in that won’t mean spending too many precious hours of the day commuting. For more advice, read our tips on how to find accommodation in London.
  • Deals are your best friend: sign up to Young Barbican for discounted access to theatre, film, art and more, link your 18-25 railcard to your Oyster card and check Time Out for restaurant offers.
  • Make the most of freebies such as pop-up exhibitions, food markets and entry to the V&A, Science Museum and Natural History Museum.

Wondering what you’d spend a day going into the office in London?!

Most importantly, remember that in spite of the overcrowded tube, impatient inhabitants and pricey rent, London is a marvellous place to work and live, so embrace the opportunity!