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One of the world's largest independent financial services groups, with a team of 4,200 talented financial services specialists on the ground in over 40 countries across the world, we deliver a unique global perspective across four market-leading business divisions.

Global Advisory provides an impartial and insightful perspective on M&A, strategy and financing advisory to help our clients formulate and achieve their strategic goals.

Wealth and Asset Management provide a comprehensive range of Wealth Management services available across the globe, with a long-term approach that sets us apart from our peers.

Merchant Banking is the investment arm of Rothschild & Co, deploying the firm's capital alongside that of a select set of leading institutional and private investors.

Those just starting out in the financial sector make an important contribution to our business from day one. There are several paths for you to get started with us, and we want to attract people from a broad range of different backgrounds to shape our business.


Best Student Employer

Awarded 2nd in Investment Banking Best 100 Student Employers 2023-2024


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Opportunities offered:

  • Internship (1 Month+)
  • Insight / Vacation Scheme (< 4 Weeks)

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