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About The Department for Education

We work to provide an education and children’s care system in which all children, young people and adults – no matter what their circumstances – have great options for high quality education and training at every stage of their lives.

Why us?

We have offices across England, including in Coventry, Darlington, London, Manchester, Nottingham and Sheffield.                         

We recognise the importance of a good work-life balance and offer flexible working options as default such as full time, part time or job-share. We have adopted a hybrid-working model with the option of blending your work time between the workplace and home on an informal basis (subject to business need).                                                                                                                                               

You'll be able to shape your own learning and development with plenty of options available, and get involved with work across government, as well as in your local community. You can use your paid volunteer days to take on projects that matter to you.      

Our culture and ways of working helps us to be at our best, where we: put children and learners first; are data, expertise and evidence driven; empower ourselves and others; and as a result, deliver brilliant (and well joined up) results, internal and with the rest of the education and care system.

 What do we do?

We work to provide children’s services, education and skills training that ensures opportunity is equal for all, no matter background, family circumstances, or need.

We enable children and learners to thrive, by protecting the vulnerable and ensuring the delivery of excellent standards of education, training and care. This helps realise everyone’s potential – and that powers our economy, strengthens society, and increases fairness.

 Our priorities:

  • Drive economic growth through improving the skills pipeline, levelling up productivity and supporting people to work.
  • Level up education standards so that children and young people in every part of the country are prepared with the knowledge, skills, and qualifications they need.
  • Support the most disadvantaged and vulnerable children and young people through high-quality local services so that no one is left behind.
  • Provide the best start in life through high-quality early education and childcare to raise standards and help parents to work.

Opportunities offered:

  • Placement (10 Months+)

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