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Church & Dwight UK Ltd is based in Folkestone, Kent and is part of Church and Dwight Co Inc. based in Princeton New Jersey, USA and listed on the New York Stock Exchange. As a company we manufacture and sell a range of personal care products across an exciting portfolio of household names, including Batiste dry hair shampoo, Arm & Hammer baking soda toothpaste and Femfresh intimate skincare wash.

We have more than 390 skilled employees at Church and Dwight UK. Our business offers people a wide variety of exciting jobs as we develop and manufacture many of our products at our base in Folkestone. To bring a product to market we need all types of skills from idea generation in our marketing team, to product development in R&D, to quality assurance from our Quality & Regulatory colleagues, production and logistics support from our Supply Chain team all the way through to the selling from our Sales Teams. And of course, these colleagues can rely on Finance and Human Resources to support them in their work and on-going career development. There are many more specialised roles which we can’t mention here but, in this exciting business there are lots of opportunities to be had.

Not surprisingly most people are more familiar with our products than they are with our company name. Our Batiste brand has recently become the UK’s #1 Dry Shampoo, dominating the market. Pearl Drops and Arm and Hammer toothpastes are corner stones of the toothpaste category and the market for Sterimar is growing impressively. Nair hair removal cream and Orajel toothache relief gel are also available in stores across the globe. All our products form part of a portfolio of exciting brands and we are growing our portfolio every year, with our newest acquisitions including Anusol, Waterpik and Flawless.

Church and Dwight UK offers a friendly working environment by the coast. You will have a thorough induction that offers the opportunity to learn about every area of the business. Every year we host a Company Fun Day for our employees and a festively themed Christmas Party as well as other social events throughout the year. We encourage a stimulating environment where you are free to contribute and share your ideas as an individual and as part of a team. We need leaders and independent thinkers, we encourage entrepreneurship and calculated risk-taking, we look for passion and creativity and promote mutual respect and trust.

Each year we hire around 18 interns in departments across the business, primarily into our Folkestone sites, with the Marketing and Customer Marketing interns based in our Euston office. Visit our website for further information about our internship process and testimonials from previous interns some of which have returned to join us as graduates.


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"Supporting three brand managers with daytoday tasks such as reporting performance monitoring support with budgeting stock management or dealing with customer enquiries In addition to that support on leading ad hoc project such as social media man" Read full review


"As a HR Generalist Intern everyday was different My tasks included delivering inductions to new starters taking responsibilty for the endtoend recruitment for manufacturing operatives eg advertising roles reviewing CVs arranging interviews pre" Read full review

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