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Our vision is of a society where all children are inspired to believe in themselves and supported to excel by a generation of young people whose commitment to a year of voluntary service is universally respected.


Our mission is to empower young role models to help children from disadvantaged communities succeed in school.

  • We bring together the public, private and voluntary sectors.
  • We give our volunteers the training and personal development they need to become empowered and effective leaders.
  • We demonstrate the power of individual action to drive collective impact.
  • We create an opportunity for service to become integral in society as a catalyst to transform lives.


RESPONSIBILITY: we are the change we wish to see in society.
INCLUSION: we unite from all backgrounds to serve a cause greater than ourselves.
PROGRESSION: we are dedicated to the personal and professional development of all.
ACTION: we don’t just talk, we do. We are always ready.
EXCELLENCE: we strive for nothing less, no matter where we start.

What makes us different

City Year UK believes that young people can change the world.

As role models, mentors and tutors, our volunteer mentors support pupils from disadvantaged communities to enjoy and succeed at school.

But that’s not all. Over the course of their City Year, they also have the opportunity to develop as leaders, with the passion, values, experience and skills to go on to lead transformational change in their communities long after their year of service.

What makes our young people extraordinary is their ambition to improve the lives of children, a willingness to stand up as a role model, the desire to keep learning themselves and the determination and resilience to see the year through.

City Year takes pride in having a very distinct culture, sense of purpose and a strong identity.

It influences the way we communicate with each other, our behaviour and attitudes towards people and the way we run the organisation.

At the centre of City Year’s idealistic culture is an ever-growing collection of stories and quotations from many cultures and sources. They represent the civic values that guide City Year, set the organisation on course, and remind us of the most fundamental motivations for our work.


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  • Placement Year (10 Months+)

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