Industry Marketing Intern

Kevon Mukabi


Placement (10 Months+)

Describe your role and what it entails?

I am an Industry Marketing Intern within the Digital Experience side of the business. My role entails the creation and support of marketing campaigns and events alongside other marketing activities in a bid to progress business deals within different industry sectors such as Financial Industry, Retail, Entertainment, and the public sector.

What have been your highlights?

Spearheading a project that involved revamping our internal team’s landing page which enabled me to network with a lot of people across different teams to understand how best different teams digest information to feed that onto the page alongside being closely involved in the creative process behind one of our flagship events through the help of an agency.

What have been your challenges?

Adapting to the B2B Marketing Landscape. My previous experiences have mostly been in the B2C Marketing space and I have had to adjust my approach to different tasks outside of the traditional approach that I had initially been accustomed to.

What have you learnt from your experience in the role?

The more you fail the more you learn, I have had my fair share of things not working the first time which can be frustrating, and at times embarrassing but as Ed Latimore put it - ‘Embarrassment is the cost of entry. If you aren’t willing to look like a foolish beginner, you’ll never become a graceful master’.

What advice would you give a student following in your footsteps?

Be your biggest advocate – your experiences are a unique representation of who you are, I’d advise you to hone them and speak confidently about things that you have done and yet to do!

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