EMIA Marketing Intern

Kirsty Wright


Placement (10 Months+)

Tell us about your experience at Intergraph Benelux B.V.

I have now been at Intergraph Benelux BV in the Netherlands for just over 8 months - it has been an excellent experience to move to another country and undergo a full-time work placement in an exciting and challenging marketing team. At Intergraph, I see myself as a full-time member of the EMIA (Europe, Middle East, India and Africa) marketing team, with as many tasks and responsibilities other members of the team. This has given me a valuable and unique opportunity to gain industry experience and be exposed to the true aspects of marketing in a B2B company.

During my placement I have undertaken trainings in Salesforce, Eloqua, WordPress, Adobe Design Suite and I have used these persistently throughout my placement, making me quite confident in using each one. These skills will also be great assets when I graduate, as this relevant experience is now crucial to secure a graduate job in an ever changing economic environment.

I would recommend this placement to all Management with Marketing students as it really has prepared me for a future in Marketing.

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