9 December 2021

Top 5 Christmas Adverts 2021

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It’s finally that time of year again! And while Michael Buble and Mariah Carey have nearly finished defrosting, one thing that’s been keeping our screens busy during the build-up to the big day, are the Christmas ads.

They say that it’s not Christmas time until the John Lewis ad appears… until recently.

As more and more retailers compete every year for the top spot, there is no doubt that this trend is now one of the most exciting parts of Christmas (just not quite as exciting as Christmas dinner).

So grab a glass of eggnog or mulled wine, put your ice skates down and get ready as we countdown the top 5 Christmas ads of 2021!

#5 McDonald’s – Imaginary Iggy

Coming in 5th place, we have Mcdonald’s.

This one was a definite tear-jerker, as I’m sure we can all resonate with having an imaginary friend at some stage in our life. No? Just me?

This ad tells a magical story of a young girl growing up with her imaginary friend Iggy, who she sadly drifts from and hides away as she leaves her childhood behind and grows into her teens.

Once she gets older, the spirit of Christmas swoops in and she begins to remember her friend. Realising there’s no need to hide, she decides to share the festivities with Iggy.

With a sparkly rendition of Cyndi Lauper’s Time after Time by Mabel, it’s definitely a sentimental reminder of the inner child. Watch the full ad below.

#4 Boots – Bag Of Joy 

Next up is Boots, in an advert starring Jenna Coleman with a bag even Mary Poppins would envy.

Boots reminds us of the importance of relationships at Christmas, by giving you a ton of ideas on what presents to get everyone….magical polaroid camera not included, unfortunately.

In all seriousness though, this ad will leave you with a smile on your face and the sudden urge to run to Boots. Watch below.

#3 Coca-Cola – Real Magic

In third place, taking the frankincense medal home (or bronze but we’re keeping it Christmassy) is the Coca-Cola ad!

This year, the soft drink giant also decided on a Mary Poppins themed element with a Christmassy rendition of the film’s classic song, Chim Chim Cheree.

Coca Cola tells the heartfelt story of a little boy who goes to the effort of bringing together all his neighbours, so that they can invite an older woman who lives in the building to dinner so that she doesn’t spend Christmas alone.

Designed to pull at your heartstrings, it was a tough contender for the top spot. Watch the full ad below and see if you agree.

#2 John Lewis – Unexpected Guest

Grabbing the medal of myrrh (silver) is John Lewis!

With some allegations of cover song stealing, this ad was in the headlines for mostly the wrong reasons. But that doesn’t take away from the sheer magic of it, one could say it was out of this world..

Imagine Stephen King had made a Christmas edition of E.T. but made the world’s favourite alien more angelic looking. The story follows a little boy who discovers an alien has crashed on Earth.

John Lewis really mastered the message of this ad, emphasising the importance of love and friendship regardless of species. Watch and decide for yourself below.

#1 Aldi – Amazing Christmas

And in first place earning the gold, it’s Aldi!

This ad really takes the Christmas cake, the puns were enough to earn it the top spot – EBanana Scrooge, Marcus RADISHford, these alone made for a stand out winner.

While other ads provided that warm mince pie in belly feeling, ALDI took on a comedic approach, telling the classic story of ‘A Christmas Carol’ but with fruit and veg characters and a lot more puns too.

So much detail went into this ad and if you do get the chance to watch it more than once, you may be reminded of the caterpillar cake scandal.

With all the Christmas festivities filling your head, don’t forget there are still plenty of placement opportunities here to be read. Sign up below.

Merry Christmas!