8 September 2023

The Ultimate Placement Year Timeline

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So you’re back at uni, and into the swing of things. Only this time, you’ve got an application to get your head around too – your placement year application. 

We know how tough it is knowing what to apply for and when, especially with all those lectures and seminars popping up. So we’ve put together a placement year timeline to help you navigate your application journey with ease.

It’ll guide you through everything from application deadlines to interview prep, assessment centres to call-back days.

There’s never been a better time to apply for a placement than NOW. So, what are you waiting for?

What’s in the timeline?

Well… many things. We’ve created this timeline to guide you through your placement year application, ramp up your employability and give you a step up on the career ladder.

Let’s take a sneak peek of what it all includes…

November: This is when we have the most roles live on RateMyPlacement. So now is the time to apply, apply, apply!

December – January: Every company differs, but most will invite you for first-stage interviews around this time. It can be tough, but our biggest advice is not to compare yourself to others. Everyone has a different journey to finding their dream placement.

February – April: You’ll start attending final interviews and assessment centres. Haven’t found your placement yet? There’s still time. We have roles going live all year round so keep your eyes peeled for any that take your fancy and apply as soon as you can.

May – August: Congrats! Now’s the time you’ll find out you’ve secured that placement. Next, you’ll need to find accommodation for the year ahead and apply for your maintenance loan.