20 April 2023

7 Signs You Will Get the Job After an Interview

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You’ve had a job interview and feel good about it. Amazing! But what happens now? How will you know you have the job?

Before we get into it, job interviews can be tough. So good on you for even getting the interview and smashing right through the application process.

While every scenario is different, and we aren’t Miss Trelawney or even Sigmund Freud, there are some telling signs that are a strong indicator of you getting the job.

Here are seven signs you will get the job after an interview.

1. Positive body language and words

Sometimes body language can be difficult to read, especially when you don’t know what to look for.

However, actions like nodding, smiling, an upright posture and eye contact show when an interviewer is into your words. Employers might also use words to show they’re keen to hire you. 

For example, they may let slip words like ‘when’ or ‘will’ rather than ‘if’ or use phrases like ‘when you start.’

2. The interviewer says how impressed they are

Employers aren’t there to play an awkward game of poker with you. An interview is a conversation, and you’ll find that many employers will be upfront with you. And while they don’t do this all the time – if they’re impressed, they’ll just tell you.

If you hear statements like “this is exactly what we want to hear”, “great”, or even “we think you match the qualities we’re looking for” – this is a very good sign.

You’ll also feel the mood shift at that point. If it feels good, it probably is.

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3. You’re asked about your availability to start

It depends on the situation, but employers won’t ask just anyone that question. If an employer asks questions about availability and notice periods, there’s a good chance they want to hire you. They’ve seen something that’s sparked an interest.

And want to give you the gig.

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4. You’re given a tour, and you meet the team

Just trust us. An employer wouldn’t do this unless they are seriously considering hiring you. It’ll be a waste of time for you both if not.

There might be a couple of reasons why they do this too. You might get a tour that ends in meeting the team you’ll be working with or at least another line manager or senior staff member within the team (if they’re not interviewing you).

Employers might use this opportunity to hear from the team what they think.

The tour is also a chance for the employer to sell you the role and workplace.

5. You’re asked about salary expectations

This also depends on the type of role you’ve applied for. Most internships, placements, and graduate roles have fixed salaries that aren’t negotiable.

However, discussing salary is a good indicator that an employer is considering you for a role.

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6. You get a request on LinkedIn

If you notice in a couple of days that you get a request from the hiring and HR managers on LinkedIn, it’s a Caribbean sea-clear sign that you’ve got the job. You might even notice them loitering around in your profile views.

If you don’t already have an account, what are you doing?!

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7. They contact your references

References are usually contacted when an employer wants to know more about you, confirm dates, etc. They wouldn’t bother going to all the trouble if you weren’t getting the job.

Make sure your references know. There’s nothing worse than an employer calling a reference who isn’t aware and wasn’t asked. It won’t end well for you.

**It’s important to remember these might not all indicate that you’ll get the job. If you don’t, despite the disappointment – it means you’re a real asset, and that dream role is right around the corner.