5 Top Tips for Freshers’ Week

What's more fun than freshers? Searching for a job!

Freshers’ week is finally here! This is your chance to celebrate those exam results, meet new people and get a taster for uni life. 

But it’s not all boozy nights, whirlwind romances and non-stop partying. There’s more to being a fresher than you may think...

Whether you're going into your first year, or you're a second year experiencing freshers for the first time (thanks COVID!) - we've come up with five ways to make it a week to remember.

1. Introduce yourself to people

Uni is no fun without a few pals to keep you sane when those deadlines hit. Plus, it’s nice to have people to binge Netflix with.

Luckily for you, the whole point of freshers' week is for you to get to know new people. University halls, the student union and nightclubs around town will be packed to the rafters with students your age. Making friends will never be this easy again.

If you're a second year, you've probably only been used to seeing the faces of your coursemates in little square boxes on Zoom too, so this is the perfect opportunity to reach out and meet up with them face-to-face!

TOP TIP: Wedge your day open on move-in day so that your flatmates can pop in and say hello. You can't go wrong with a friendly smile and three obligatory fresher questions in your arsenal... What’s your name? Where are you from? What are you studying? 

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2. Create a budget and stick to it

Jessie J once said ‘it ain’t about the money, money, money’, but we beg to differ. Forgetting about the price tag could result in your bank balance sinking faster than her music career.

The solution? Budget, budget, budget. After all, you don’t want to live off pot noodles for three years… trust us!

TOP TIP: Don’t splash out on a freshers’ event wristband or ticket before you get there unless it's sold by an official university channel. Many online freshers’ events are a con, and on arrival you’ll find that you spent £15 for an event that doesn’t exist, which is a bit of a slap in the face.

3. Attend the freshers' fair

Go, go, go! And not just for the free pens, sweets and tote bags. It's a fantastic opportunity to find out about all the extra-curricular activities you can get involved with, such as debating, jazz or Zumba. 

If you're looking to get a head-start in your career then good on you. Look out for the RateMyPlacement stall to find out how to get work experience whilst you're at university.

Whilst it may seem like a bit of a slog if you went out the night before, the freshers' fair is your one opportunity to a taster of everything your uni has to offer. Being part of a society will widen your social network, broaden your skill set and help you maintain that work-life balance.

Some may even be virtual this year so it's worth checking this out before you set your alarm to get out of bed!

4. Don't burn yourself out

Whilst freshers’ week has a reputation for non-stop partying, it's a good idea to pace yourself by having a couple of chilled nights in with your new mates. You don't have to rave 24/7, this isn't Berlin.

If you went to the freshers' fair like we suggested, you’ll probably have a ton of Domino’s vouchers to get through. So why not have a movie and takeaway night? 

If drinking warm Jägerbombs in sticky-floored nightclubs isn't your thing, then your Student Union will have lots of non-drinking events too...  think chilled movie nights, games nights and more!

TOP TIP: We also recommend staying in by yourself one night to spend some time on self-care. Whilst your new friends will be throwing themselves at your feet, begging you to go out, stay strong. You'll thank us later.

5. Do the boring admin stuff

At the risk of sounding like nagging parents, if you’ve moved away from home you’ll need to do some life admin to make sure you’re settled in. For instance, it’s worth registering at your local doctor’s (this will be handy when you catch freshers’ flu).

What else you ask? Well, we’d recommend making sure you are fully registered for your course modules, have access to your student university account and that all your devices are connected to the WiFi before lectures start. 

Now that you know how to ace freshers’ week, all we have left to say is… get stuck in and make some memories!