28 September 2023

Why Joining A University Society Will Boost Your Career

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Joining a society is one of the best ways to get ahead at university. You’ll meet new people, learn new skills. And of course – boost your employability. Employers love well-rounded candidates who have interests outside of work. So by joining a society, you’ll prove this.

Read on to discover why a uni society membership can help you beat the competition. 

And land you a top job.

Turn friends into colleagues

At university, you’ll meet tons of students, from flatmates to those on your course. But it doesn’t always mean you’ll have loads in common. By joining a uni society, you’ll socialise with people with similar interests to you and form strong connections. 

University societies can be anything from business and debating to sports and science. There are also societies for people from different countries and religions. So plenty of opportunities to find your tribe. And – who knows. Maybe one day you’ll end up working together.

Or better still – set up a company.

Just like RateMyPlacement’s founders, Ali, Ollie and Chris did!

Make your CV stand out

Once you graduate from uni and begin applying for jobs, employers will compare your CV to other candidates. Most of you will have similar degrees and grades, so it’s good to have something extra-curricular on there to help you stand out from the crowd. 

Juggling a uni society with your studies shows employers you’ve got good time management and organisational skills, as well as hobbies.

It also shows you’ve taken extra responsibilities and can handle leadership. Especially when you work your way up in the society to become social sec, treasurer, or even the president.

Hear what one graduate had to say about their experience as a uni society member:

“During my time at University, I was a member of the Staffordshire Stallions American Football Team. Playing for the team has helped develop my professional skills for work in the legal sector. 

The sector demands a high level of self-confidence, as well as stamina, and perseverance; all of which are vital attributes for American football. I was also a member of the Law Society, which aided my professional development in a more direct way. 

The Society organised a number of networking events and competitions, which gave me the opportunity to practice key professional legal skills with a view to becoming a Barrister.”

(Harry Ball, Staffordshire Stallions, currently working in the legal sector).

Show employers you’re a people person

Communication skills are a big thing in the workplace. And employers want to hire people they can get along with.

By joining a uni society, you’ll show recruiters you’re a team player and thrive in a social environment. This will bump up your chances of bagging a role – massively.

If you want to work in sales or any kind of customer service role, communication skills are a must. You’ll have to convince prospective clients that your products and services are better than your competitors. To achieve this, you’ll need to be persuasive.    

Boost your expertise

Joining a subject-based uni society boosts your expertise in that particular subject and shows how committed you are to it. For example, if you study English literature and want to become a writer, joining the creative writing society proves to employers your passion for writing.

Graduate roles are entry level. And competition for these is fierce. Having a subject-based society on your CV gives you an edge as it shows employers you’ve got something new to bring to the table. Something they haven’t seen before. That’s a win.

Help make a difference

As a uni society member, you’ll be giving back to the community too. Whether you volunteer or fundraise for charity by running campus events, helping others shows empathy and a willingness to make a difference.

Employers love this, as it proves you’re a go-getter and a supportive member of their team.

Brand Ambassador

Thought about becoming a brand ambassador and promoting a brand to students on campus? Not only does it earn you good money, it gets your foot in the door and gives you contacts within the industry too.

Tons of students have bagged permanent jobs this way. So could you!

Ready to work hard

Studying for a degree isn’t easy. So joining a uni society means you’ll need to work even harder. When an employer takes a look at your CV, they’ll see you’re someone who can go above and beyond in your role.

This makes you a competent candidate and helps to progress your career.