14 October 2016

The Exciting Life of a Deloitte Placement Student

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Challenge, reward, experience: three things I was exposed to in abundance during my time at Deloitte. And I loved it.

My name is Henry Parker and following a seven-month placement during my gap year with Deloitte as a Scholar in their Consulting department, I worked as an On-Campus Promotions Brand Ambassador for the company at Durham University.

I was most attracted to Deloitte and their Scholar scheme due to the unrivalled business experience, project-critical responsibility and the universal prestige the scheme offered.

Learning transferrable skills while on placement

As an On-Campus Promotions Brand Ambassador for the firm, I drew on my skills and experience acquired from my placement to promote the many opportunities available at Deloitte to students at my university.

Following the completion of an intensive two-week training programme with the new graduate intake, I was immediately placed on the client site, where I was working with a major news corporation to implement a new technological solution for placing advertisements in their publications.

Throughout my gap year, I went on to work with clients from a global bank, as well as a multinational auction house. Daunting? A little bit. Exciting? Absolutely.

One of the most attractive parts of working in consulting is that no two days are the same. Even though I was occasionally presented with less-than-glamorous, yet project-vital Excel-based tasks, there were many other moments when I was taken aback by the responsibility and quality expected of me in the tasks I was given.

Working with senior team members

Presenting a report I had created to a senior client Director, which was to be used to report back to the Chief Executive of a major multinational client, is just one example of the challenging and engaging tasks I completed during my placement.

The array of challenges, rewards and experiences I gained throughout my seven months working at Deloitte made me realise that you should grab every opportunity presented to you, even if you think it might put you outside your comfort zone.

Grab every opportunity

When the opportunity to become a Brand Ambassador for Deloitte while at Durham presented itself to me, I jumped at the chance.

Through my role as Brand Ambassador for the firm I regularly talked to students, academic departments and university societies to promote the unique opportunities available at the firm.

I hope my enthusiasm for the firm was transmitted to the people I talked to as I shared my experiences and identified how they can take advantage of Deloitte’s various student schemes.

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Benefits of working as a Brand Ambassador

With the support from the On-Campus Promotions team in London, I really enjoyed getting my message across to students at Durham.

Delivering interactive campus-based events, helping to present evening talks to students and meeting with key figures from the university were all great experiences that broadened my skill set.

As competition for internships and graduate jobs continuously intensifies, making yourself stand out from the crowd becomes increasingly important. Kick-start your career, experience something unique and always grab opportunities with open arms.

There are few that can match the opportunities presented by Deloitte and On-Campus Promotions; be distinctive.

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