29 June 2017

How to Boost Your CV During the Holidays

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Ahh, the university holidays… lie-inns, family reunions and catching up with old friends. It does however also mean dealing with your annoying siblings, boredom and more boredom.

So make the most of your holidays this year and make yourself more employable. We’ve put together a few ways to boost your CV, most of which will leave you plenty of time to enjoy the sunshine (if it ever shows itself).

Create a LinkedIn account

Now this one is perfect for those British spring days, you know the one when you look outside in the morning expecting glorious sunshine and in fact, it’s p***ing it down!

Creating a LinkedIn account will help you massively when you want to apply for an internshipplacement or graduate job.

Think of it as a professional social media account, you can follow companies you are interested in and find out about professions. It doesn’t take long at all and is a must-have in 2018.

For a more detailed guide to building a professional social media account, check out our guide to creating the Ultimate LinkedIn Profile.

Do an internship

Now we are talking! Getting an internship or insight day is the ultimate way to boost your CV. Employers love students who have done one!

An internship is a short period of paid work experience that tends to last between one and four months.

Internships tend to take place during the summer, but they can be done during the Easter holiday.

You tend to work full time for the employer, where they help you to gain experience and knowledge about the business area.

This knowledge can be built upon during a placement year as well as in graduate employment.

Summer internships provide you with a taster of the working world, company culture and team ethic within the organisation.

They also give you the opportunity to build key skills relevant to the industry that will have a real impact on your career prospects.

placement salary

Get a part-time job

There are plenty of benefits of a part-time job during your holiday, let’s be honest, the obvious perk is the added cash in your bank account ready for your return to Uni.

If you get really bored during the summer holiday and need something to do and working really enables you to build up loads of transferable skills. For example:

  • Time management
  • Commercial awareness
  • Initiative whilst completing tasks
  • Teamwork


Nowadays networking can be done from the comfort of your home. Whatever career or industry you are thinking of there will be a LinkedIn group directly relating to it, with a range of influencers and industry experts as members.

As useful as LinkedIn and Facebook are, there isn’t a substitute for meeting people and actually talking to them… Use LinkedIn and your Student Union and go along to as many relevant networking events as possible.

Learn a new skill

You’ve got more or less 3 months; the perfect amount of time to learn something useful! Now I’m not talking magic tricks or how to perfect the 360 ollie, but something actually worthwhile. Here are some suggestions:

  • Coding
  • Learn a new language
  • Familiarise yourself with new software

If you’ve already mastered these and are looking for extra ideas there are loads of websites and YouTube tutorials that can offer you free courses. These are great for the CV and perfect for up-skilling yourself during the summer.

For example, if you’re keen on your digital marketing, take the time to do some eLearning courses through Facebook blueprint. Once employers find out you’ve worked your way through a few of these courses they’re sure to fight over you!

Charity work/volunteering

Volunteering is worthwhile not just for yourself but also benefits others in the community, and will give you some seriously good karma.

There is a wide range of different types of voluntary work you can do during your off-time, particularly in the summer months…

  • Helping out at a local care home
  • Classroom support
  • Conservation work
  • Local DIY projects

Whatever you do you’ll find that you’ll learn new skills or develop existing ones. This is an excellent opportunity to build your team-working skills and to really put them into practice, remember these are vital for your CV.

Giving something back to the community won’t make you Mother Teresa overnight but, giving up your spare time will also show employers how much of a ‘good egg’ you are. Voluntary work will also give you something to talk about in interviews.


Let’s be honest with ourselves, after a long year at uni, all of these seem incredibly appealing. They do however seem a little, dull?

If you do want to spend your summer enjoying a little sunshine, you’re certainly not alone. Backpacking is a superb way of enhancing your organisation skills and independence.

Now would you look at that, we’ve armed you with 7 fantastic ways to boost your CV during the holidays. Whatever you choose to do with your summer please don’t waste it, you don’t have many long summers left so make the most out of it.

When it’s over you’ll be back to the books and back in the library. So go on, carpe diem (that means seize the day)!