3 July 2024

A Day in the Life of A Marketing Placement Student

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Hi! I’m Grace and for the last year I’ve been the Marketing Placement Student here at RateMyPlacement.co.uk. Want to know what my day looks like in the office? Here’s the breakdown with time stamps.

The first thing I like to do is to plan out my day, this usually means blocking out time in my calendar around meetings to focus on specific tasks I’ve been given. This is so that I know what my day looks like and others can check if I’m busy. 

Email admin! I’ll have a quick look over my emails, and reply to any urgent ones. At the moment I’m gathering all of the event details for the careers fairs we’ll be attending in october!

While it’s still early in the day, I’ll always block out some time to check over the social calendars to see if I need to make any content ready to post later in the day.

Social meeting – the social executive and I go through our plans for the next week and fill out the content calendars with whatever is relevant to our target audience at the time. Such as key trends, day in the lives and advice that we think students will need.

@ratemyplacement I’m currently in the last 2 months of my placement year and the realisation that i’ll be going back to uni soon and that i’ll literally have about 2 friends is something that i’m struggling with 🥲 So wish me luck… Has anyone else been feeling the same? 🤨 #mentalhealthawareness #university #placement #dayinthelife #placementyear #students #mentalhealthawarenessweek ♬ Lisztomania – Phoenix

Typically, during this time I’ll be moderating our reviews. We host over 100,000+ reviews across both websites, so you can imagine how many we get through. 

When in the office, we also like to set out a lot of time to film multiple bits of content, such as trends, interviews and office content. This part of the day is super fun, as we get multiple people involved to come on camera and share some advice!

Made it to lunch, thank God! A bunch of us will go out and get something to bring back to the office. Usually a Sainos or Pret if funds are looking healthy. 

On the home stretch… In the afternoon I usually get on with getting some writing done, I’ve just finished writing my ‘5 things I’ve learnt while on placement’ blog so go check it out after this if you haven’t already.

A placement is a great way to learn all about the working world and build your skills. Read all about everything I picked up during mine.

If I’m not writing a blog, I’ll be planning out some more content here, maybe finding some user generated content (UGC) to use on our socials. 

3pm… SNACK TIME, is it just me that hits an instant slump as soon as 3pm rolls round? 

For the last few hours of the day, I use this time to research, write and edit a presentation that I had coming up for RateMyApprenticeship.

Then double check my emails, before shutting my laptop!

Day is done – time for the commute home.