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Role Description

A week of collaboration, networking and amazing insights. Valuable information about the company and the Terminal. Captivating topics of conversation/ projects.


  • 1. Please give an overview of the insight and what was involved on a day-to-day basis.
  • We had several workshops and Q&A time with very interactive activities! A lot of time to network and to get to know the company and the opportunities it gives us. We worked on a team project throughout the week and we presented it on our last day.


  • 2. Have you learnt any new skills or developed existing skills?
  • Yes! We had the opportunity to develop our public speaking skills and learn how to engage online with different people. Apart from that, we had the chance to work on time management due to the project we had to work on.

  • How would you rate the training provided during your experience?
  • 5/5

  • How would you rate the knowledge learned around industry-specific skills during the experience?
  • 5/5

  • How would you rate the knowledge learned around personal or professional skills during the experience?
  • 5/5

  • Please rate how the knowledge learned has helped you with regards to your career development
  • 5/5

    Business Insight

  • 3. What was it like understanding all about the business and potential roles available?
  • Incredibly insightful! We got to learn all about the different roles, core products and how the day to day of a Bloomberg employee is. All the various opportunities/ careers were presented.

  • Please rate how insightful you found the insight
  • 5/5

  • How would you rate the structure of the insight
  • 4/5

  • How would you rate business leader involvement during the insight
  • 5/5


  • 4. What was the company culture and general atmosphere like?
  • Super collaborative. Everyone is always available to help you improve yourself and it seems very easy to connect with people from different backgrounds and with different perspectives. A place full of diversity and philanthropy.

  • How would you rate the inclusiveness of the culture?
  • 5/5

  • How would you rate the networking opportunities?
  • 5/5

  • Please rate how valued you felt during your insight?
  • 5/5

    Your Impressions

  • 5. To what extent did you enjoy the insight?
  • Extremely helpful. I understood things from another perspective and it will definitely change the way I want to see my future workplace. Apart from that, I got to understand how the Terminal works and how much information it provides its clients.

  • Please rate your level of enjoyment on the insight
  • 5/5

  • Please rate how your experience met your expectations
  • 5/5

  • Please rate the future employment prospects at Bloomberg
  • 5/5

  • 7. Would you recommend Bloomberg to a friend?
  • Yes

  • 8. What tips or advice would you give to others applying to Bloomberg
  • Be ready to exceed yourself! Show that you want to learn more and don't be afraid to ask questions as Bloomberg will give you lots of helpful insight. Enjoy every second of it because it will pass by very quickly.

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Insight / Vacation Scheme (< 4 Weeks)


18th April 2021

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