[Register Your Interest] Biological Sciences Industrial Placement - 2022 Intake at GSK

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Medical/Health Science/Research

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Biological Sciences Industrial Placement

GSK are a science-led global healthcare company that researches and develops innovative Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines and Consumer Healthcare products. Our challenging and inspiring mission is to enable people to do more, feel better and live longer by developing innovative products and improving access to healthcare for patients around the world.

Whatever the role, you will experience working in a fast-paced research environment with access to cutting edge technology, whilst interacting with industry-leading scientists across multiple disciplines and sharing different experiences. During the internship, the IP student will be supported, given training (laboratory and office practices) daily where applicable until confident to work independently and within GSK health and safety requirements, enrolled in several GSK internal courses as part of company policy, enrol in personal development courses and networking opportunities throughout the year and attend seminars led by GSK scientists.

We recruit on an on-going basis and prioritise applications based on the application date.

Please read below about the positions we are recruiting for, when you apply you will be able to select 3 preferences. We will accommodate your preference where possible.

  • Role 1: Cell & Gene Therapy
  • Role 2: Novel Human Genetics
  • Role 3: Biopharm Molecular Discovery
  • Role 4: Functional Genomics
  • Role 5: Protein and Cellular Sciences
  • Role 6: Oncology Cell Therapy
  • Role 7: Biopharmaceutical Product development
  • Role 8: Structural & Biophysical sciences
  • Role 9: New Chemical Entity (NCE) Molecular Discovery
  • Role 10: Synthetic Biochemistry
  • Role 11: Adaptive Immunity - Research Group 1: Immunoregulation (2 lab-based positions available)
  • Role 12: Adaptive Immunity - Research Group 2: Cell-Cell Communication and Priming of the Adaptive Immune System (2 lab-based positions available):
  • Role 13: Adaptive Immunity - Research Group 3: Barrier Dysfunction and B Cell Biology (2 lab-based positions available)
  • Role 14: Adaptive Immunity - Research Group 4: Immuno-epigenetics (1 bioinformatics position and 1 lab-based position available):
  • Role 15: Adaptive Immunity - Genomic Immunology (1 lab/in silico-based position available):
  • Role 16: Adaptive Immunity - Experimental Quantitative Pharmacology (2 lab positions with the potential for in vivo experience available):

About GSK

One of the world’s leading healthcare companies, GSK discovers, develops, manufactures and distributes life-saving vaccines, prescription medicines and consumer health products such as Maxinutrition, Sensodyne, Aquafresh and Panadol.

The size and scope of our organisation allows our people to answer some of the biggest questions facing everyone on the planet – questions about future healthcare needs and questions about building a responsive, innovative, global business to meet them – as well as questions about their own personal and professional growth.