Career Focus: Working as a Fashion Marketer

  • Posted On: 16th Aug 2014
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Are you hooked on the catwalk? Do you count down the days until the next big fashion show? Then it’s safe to say that you’re into fashion.

The industry wheels out a huge number of weird, wild and wonderful dresses, clothes, shoes and accessories every season, but without marketers to promote them how would we ever know?

Career Focus: Working as a Fashion Marketer

People working in marketing jobs in fashion have two main aims – to know every nook, cranny and seam of consumer trends, and to publicise their company’s creations effectively.

Why market research is important

It’s a term that’s bandied around a lot, but what does it mean in the context of fashion?

Marketers need to know what’s trending now, what’s smoking hot and what’s not, in order to predict what will be a hit in the future and how it can be promoted to people likely to buy it.

They also need to have their finger firmly on the pulse of popular culture – living under a rock is unlikely to help you figure out what’s in vogue.

To work out what’s in demand, fashion marketers use the holy grail of advertising – market data.

Market data: the kingmaker

Compiled through surveys, focus groups, data capture and feedback from retailers, market data outlines what consumers buy, what their motivations are for buying it and their shopping behaviour.

This valuable information can be wielded by people in marketing fashion jobs to dictate how they meet their second aim – actually flogging garments and bringing in the dough!

“Market data outlines what consumers buy, what their motivations are for buying it and their shopping behaviour.”

Making the designers’ creations fly off the shelves can be done through traditional means, like press and TV ads, but in this multimedia age marketeers have to use more imaginative techniques in their marketing strategy, along with digital marketing and social media marketing channels.

Before you can become a fashion marketing superstar you’ll need to snap up work experience in the sector...

Make sure you sell yourself

You can do this by effectively ‘marketing’ yourself by ensuring your CV is up to scratch.

Before lighting up employers’ inboxes with it, give it a good going over. Make sure it’s to the point, concise, clean (now’s not the time for Comic Sans or Word art) and lists your achievements in any previous jobs or work experience.

Employers want to hear about what you did and what you achieved.

Fashion marketing work experience

While you ultimately want to settle down into a fashion marketing job, there’s likely to be strong competition for these roles.

Gaining experience in a fashion company or similar will make it easier to eventually shimmy over into your dream job.

Career Focus: Working as a Fashion Marketer

You should look into fashion work experience or relevant placements, internships or insight schemes (if you’re a first year undergraduate) to find out what this vibrant and ever-changing industry is like.

You could work for market-leading companies like ASOS, John Lewis and Marks & Spencer in exciting roles like PR, merchandising administration, as a buyer or design intern in order to set you up for a graduate role as a marketeer.

For example, interning as a PR bod would require you to become involved in organising and sending out press releases, while a placement as a buyer would let you become involved in trade deals and speaking to suppliers.

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