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Like millions of people, you probably know us best for the weather that you hear on the news or read on your phone. But did you know that our forecasts reach as far as space? Or that organisations across the world – from governments and the military, to retail and utility companies, rely on our expertise to operate safely and efficiently? Through world-leading science and cutting-edge technology, we work together to question the ordinary every day because we believe in the best.

One area of the Met Office cannot function without the others. Our engineers keep data flowing; our science and scientific software engineers make data meaningful; and our sales, marketing, consultancy and communications professionals ensure that our forecasts and meteorological products and services reach our customers. The breadth and depth of our work is incredibly varied but whatever area you work in, you’ll be developed and fascinated in a career where whatever you do, your work will make a valuable contribution to the bigger picture. A career to be proud of.

In helping you to stay safe and thrive, we have a set of values that are at the heart of the Met Office. These are: We’re A Force For Good, We’re Experts By Nature, We Live and Breathe It, We’re Better Together and We Keep Evolving. They inform how we work, our behaviours, how we engage with our customers and how we recruit talented and diverse people to help us achieve our aims now and in the future.

We offer a variety of early career opportunities such as apprenticeships and placements. Further details can be found on our careers pages


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Awarded 1st in Government / Not for Profit Top 65 Medium-sized Undergraduate Schemes 2020 - 2021


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"Thoroughly enjoyed my year at the Met Office. The office is a great place to work and a very friendly environment whereby everyone is willing to help out." Read full review


"Great atmosphere. Brilliant organisation who put their workers first. Friendly and supportive team." Read full review

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  • Placement Year (10 Months+)

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