At a Glance: the Fashion Industry

  • Posted On: 21st Aug 2014
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“Fashion directly contributes a whopping £26 billion to the UK economy - up from £21 billion in 2009.”

Studying illustration, marketing, public relations, photography and event management can prepare you nicely for a fashion career. But, if that's not the case fear not – there are many business-related degrees that can see you succeed too.

Think you've got what it takes?

In the UK, the fashion sector supports almost 800,000 jobs and includes brands like Next and Burberry. They’re worth billions, making this an expansive and profitable industry.

“The sector indirectly impacts the economy by encouraging spending in other industries, giving it a total contribution of £46 billion.”

Before making those all important applications why not tailor your skills by contributing to events on campus?

Organising a charity fashion show, or securing a position on a society committee and designing the stash is a great way to get ahead.

Whether it's working as a studio assistant or arranging deals as a sales executive, each role requires interchangeable skills; you could find yourself collaborating with many different departments from supply chain to print design.

At a Glance: the Fashion Industry

Skills to succeed

Skill and determinism will be key to success. Working with brands as a buyer, for example, requires you to build relationships and have a head for figures, while fashion marketers should be media savvy and experienced using social media.

“London Fashion Week is held twice each year, is one of the world's four premier fashion events and showcases more than 150 designers.”

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