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National MRI was born in Nottingham, UK. Coincidently, Nottingham is also the
birthplace of the MRI machine!

Jasper, our co-founder & practicing Osteopath was shocked and saddened by the 100's of
patients he saw in his Osteopathy clinic who were struggling to get a potentially life-saving
medical diagnostic scan. He wondered why.

After some digging, what he found was shocking. Waiting times in the UK's NHS for
diagnostic imaging scans were awfully long, however there were huge amounts of latent
supply in the private sector. Imaging machines in private hospitals were sat there under
utilised, whilst patients in the NHS were waiting for a scan in excruciating pain and/or
anxiety for many months.

He came together with Charlie, Oli & Joe to build a product which could help these
100'000s patients across the UK.

The first iteration of our solution was a managed marketplace in the UK to connect patients
who are looking for a MRI scan to private hospitals with an excess supply of MRI
machines. Having built this marketplace whilst working full-time jobs, we were staggered
by the continued growth in demand.

But what we found even more staggering was at a global level just how inefficient the
wider diagnostic imaging ecosystem was. In the year 2021, we couldn't quite comprehend
that diagnostic imaging centres were using CDs, fax, numerous phone calls and letters to
schedule scans and communicate results. What saddened us the most was that this led to
very poor patient outcomes: higher prices, longer waiting times and human error.

Out of curiosity, we also started to cast our eye towards a global market.

We found that many countries around the world had equally broken, if not worse,
diagnostic imaging ecosystems than the UK!

At this point, we decided we wanted to build a solution to this global problem, starting
with Germany & the USA. But we couldn't do it alone. We needed to #1 quit our jobs and
go full time #2 grow the team.

So we turned to the best investors in the UK to back us to do this. We are incredibly lucky
to have been backed by some of the best investors in the UK from the likes of Oxford
Capital (major investors in PushDoctor), YZR.VC (founders of TeleClinic), Founders
Factory, Tom Blomfield (founder/ex-CEO @ MONZO), Harry Hurst (Founder/CEO @
PIPE), Evelyn Bourke (ex CEO @ BUPA) and Lopo Champalimaud (founder/ex-CEO @

We're now building a global company, and if you're ready to shape the future of healthcare.

Opportunities offered:

  • Internship (1-4 Months)

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