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Who We Are

Our journey began in 2001 as a startup in Zurich, Switzerland. We have since evolved to become a leading FinTech company supporting the world’s largest Banks, Wealth and Asset Managers, Insurance Companies and Private Capital firms around the world in the Digital Transformation of their Incentive and Retention Award plan administration.

What We Do

Incentive and Retention Awards are an essential part of the Executive Compensation pay package for key employees, usually in revenue generating positions or for material risk takers. The structure of these pay packages is intended to attract, incentivize and retain outperformers and hence there is no limit to creativity and therefore complexity. In return, this often creates an administrative headache, which usually falls back to HR and operational divisions to manage. 

This is where EWM Global has identified a gap in the market. Companies seek to outsource these headaches to eliminate key person and operational risk while ensuring that the administration of these programs allows for creativity and does not become a limiting factor. We have uniquely positioned ourselves by providing a highly digitized administration solution focusing on all types of incentive and retention plans including share, cash and fund deferral, carried interest and co-investment programs.

Our Culture

EWM Global promotes a dynamic, entrepreneurial, working atmosphere where our employees are considered our most valuable asset. Our diverse team of seasoned experts provide clients the highest level of task-related expertise within established risk and compliance standards. Providing agile solutions to complex problems is in our DNA.

Opportunities offered:

  • Placement (10 Months+)

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