ITI Operations Limited

Opportunities Offered:
Placement Year (10 Months+)
Computer Science Information Technology Computer and Systems Engineering

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Our Approach

We use intelligence and analysis to understand the world.

We build on our experience, heritage, trust, and invention.

We listen and focus on delivering the correct advice.

We are committed to excellence — to helping our clients achieve their ambitions, and helping our own teams grow stronger

Our Mission

To deliver transformation and innovation, and enhance the future of industry.

Through digital intelligence, industrial automation, and increased security. Providing robust hardware, smart software, and innovative solutions that are mission-critical.

Our Promise

We will work with integrity, intelligence and industry - to transform your operations, and enhance your future.

Our Values

We are
Practical, insightful and industrious with a personal touch.

We work
Across the UK’s critical infrastructure, in key strategic locations, working with one clear promise.

We have
Proven experience that drives meaningful change.

We will
Create solutions with enduring value.

We must
Imagine, create and enhance the future of industry.

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