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Unlocked Graduates is working to change the way we develop societyʼs future leaders and how we think about prisons and prisoners – by focusing on rehabilitation.

Fixing prisons is one of the biggest challenges facing society today. Around half of adult prisoners are reconvicted within a year of release and reoffending currently costs the taxpayer £18.1 billion every year.

Prison officers have more contact with prisoners than any other professionals, and so have the power to make a real difference. Prisoners tell us that prison officersʼ interventions and support, if properly targeted, can help turn lives around.

Unlocked wants innovative leaders to join the prison service; to bring fresh thinking and new ideas to reform prisons; and help prisoners make better, more positive choices and prepare for life outside prison. Unlocked Graduates Leadership Development Programme:

Our award-winning two-year Leadership Development Programme will accelerate your development as an inspirational and supportive leader. As an individual with influence, youʼll have over 100 hours of mentoring and support, a bespoke masters and a career that makes an impact.

The programme is for ambitious graduates of all subjects who are driven to help lead reform on the frontline as prison officers. The skills and experience you gain leading reform on the front-line will make you stand out from any crowd.

Unlocked is working to build a fairer prison system. A diverse and inclusive workforce is essential to doing this. We celebrate the diversity of our participants and the rich experience their varied backgrounds bring – both to Unlocked as an organisation and their vital frontline work in prisons.

In a role that is heavily focused on building and managing relationships with complex and often vulnerable individuals, as well as being a key part of the social and political landscape, it is vital that the prison workforce aims to be representative of the people they work with.

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