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Have you considered gaining international experience, while going on a travel adventure? Having international experience not only guarantees you are employable but studies have shown students with international experience have a higher starting salary.

There is a huge demand for foreign talent across China as there is a shortage of culturally agile professionals. With the difference in language, infrastructure, and culture, coming to China may feel like a daunting task. MCO is there to guide you and make sure the transition is smooth.

We provide internship and placement opportunities of the highest standard, by providing positions in top partner companies such as Mercedes and Vogues China. Through our extensive vetting process, we ensure interns are in a professional working environment, with a mentor, and meaningful work (no delivering coffee, teaching English to local staff, etc.).

MCO is a trusted and vetted program used to facilitate internship and study abroad programs for Northeastern University, Drexel University, Simon Fraser, and the University of Philadelphia.

We look for applicants who are open-minded, focused, and serious about making the most of any professional opportunity. Our positions run year-round and span a variety of industries, including business, fashion, design, consulting, marketing, public relations, engineering, technology, film, journalism, architecture, communications, and more.

If you are interested in expanding your horizons into the world’s fastest-growing country, we will place you in a professional environment where you can contribute and succeed.


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"A fantastic first step into the professional world I was welcomed with open arms treated with respect given invaluable opportunities and taught valuable lessons The environment was exciting and engaging while still not causing too much stress makin" Read full review


"This was my third internship and my first international experience I was worried about working in a multicultural environment but I was surprised by how the company culture created a unified working environment Overall I was very happy as I was given a" Read full review

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Opportunities offered:

  • Internship (1 Month+)
  • Placement (10 Months+)

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