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BAT is a global tobacco and Next Generation Products company with brands sold in over 200 markets. We have offices all around the world and have long played a significant role in the local communities where we operate across the globe. We are proud that we are frequently rated in many countries as a top employer. Our employees come from diverse cultures and backgrounds, and our business benefits from the breadth of ideas and experiences they bring.

Traditional tobacco products are our core business. However, we are also committed to developing and selling potentially less risky alternatives to regular cigarettes. These Next Generation Products (NGPs) include Vapour Products, like e-cigarettes, and Tobacco Heating Products.

We make significant investments in research and development to deliver innovations that satisfy or anticipate consumer needs and generate growth for the business. We also have an extensive scientific research program in a broad spectrum of scientific fields including molecular biology, toxicology and chemistry.

Our R&D centres are located across the world, with our HQ facilities based in Southampton. Through our research, we aim to increase the scientific understanding of the harm caused by the use of tobacco and nicotine products and seek to apply this knowledge to potentially reduced-risk products. It is widely accepted that most of the harm associated with tobacco is caused by inhaling the smoke produced by the burning of tobacco. That is why we are dedicated to the development and sale of a range of potentially reduced-risk products that provide the enjoyment of smoking without burning tobacco.

Traditionally our research efforts have focused on conventional cigarettes, understanding the chemistry of cigarette smoke, identifying toxic constituents (toxicants), understanding smoking behaviour and developing prototype products and technologies with the aim of reducing levels of smoke toxicants. In recent years, we have expanded our focus to emerging product categories, such as e-cigarettes and Tobacco Heating Products, gaining new expertise and experiences in areas such as materials science, formulation chemistry and engineering.

In the UK, we offer 12-month placement opportunities to undergraduate students looking to gain practical experience within a vibrant and innovative industrial setting. As part of the scheme, you will be partnered with a mentor, have regular reviews with your Line Manager and work on projects that impact the business.

Training and development is provided throughout the placement with successful applicants having multiple opportunities to develop transferable skills in addition to gaining ‘hands on’ experience in a technical discipline.

As part of the scheme students get a chance to cultivate their independent thinking and problem-solving skills in addition to working in and contributing to a team. Cross functional/department working and participation in other research activities is also encouraged, where appropriate. Previous work experience in a practical ‘hands-on’ role would be useful but not essential.


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Awarded 1st in Science & Research Best 60 Medium-sized Student Employers 2020-2021


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"Involved device testing and prototyping with data collection which was then compiled and presented." Read full review


"I collaborated with stakeholders to agree project objectives and align a sensory plan. Once objectives were obtained, I would collect sensory data through panel sessions and analyse this data using statistical tools. Following statistical analysis, I issu..." Read full review

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  • Placement Year (10 Months+)

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