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About Merz Aesthetics


Our Vision here at Merz is to become the most Admired, Trusted and Innovative Aesthetics and Neurotoxins Company…in the World. Simple!

How we achieve our Vision comes down to two other things. The first is strategy (how we will achieve our goals and ambitions) and Values (the way we do things around here).


Simply put, a strategy is the roadmap to a destination and describes the sustained allocation of a company’s resources. A clear strategy statement is important since it gives businesses and people clear direction on not only what will be focused on, but also what will not. This can be important especially if a strategy is changing for a business. A decade ago Merz was heavily focused on Alzheimer’s disease, but also had interests in the dental market, pens and R&D for tinnitus, as well as a growing interest in neurotoxin and aesthetics medicine. Clearly such a diverse allocation of thinly-spread resources reduces the chance of success.

In 2012 the Merz Pharma Board defined a new strategy that has helped in focusing away from some of the higher risk and lower profitability areas into the core business areas of Aesthetics and Neurotoxins. These are common for all Merz affiliates worldwide. In some geographies there may also be a focus on what is called Regional Products. For the UK & Ireland this includes Radiesse® Voice.


Best described as the way we do things around here Values are part of our business-based moral compass and help all of us understand the behaviours that define us as a global Company. The Merz Values form an integral part of the recruitment and annual review process because it is important for everyone to feel comfortable with and aligned to them. If they are out of kilter with our own personal values it will never really feel right. Merz has three global Values, distilled in 2015 through a year-long process of discussion and iteration.

Persist in Innovation

Innovation is the lifeblood of Merz & the key to our future growth.

We will empower, support considered risk-taking & encourage personal accountability as we try new ideas. Not every new thing will work, but we will keep trying and learning until we discover the things that do. We Aspire for Excellence & genuine daily progress to be our norms as we strive to deliver real innovations that help others to Live better, Feel better and Look better.

Commit to Customers & Colleagues

We invest in lasting relationships that are built on trust, respect & integrity.

Communication and understanding are key to commitment. We will be honest, open and straight-talking as we exchange feedback with our customers, colleagues and suppliers and so build lasting relationships where all parties are peers. We believe that when we are passionate about our work, take pride in our achievements & celebrate success with our partners, business can be both personal and industry-leading.

Deliver Trusted Results

Our promises, work & results will be trusted for years to come.

Merz’ century-long heritage and commitment to partners serves to reinforce our long-term perspective as an independent Company. Quality, ethics and excellence are at the heart of what we do, patients eally matter and we will always be honest. When we make a promise to a partner we WILL deliver.

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