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Intern Options places students and graduates into Australian internships. We have long standing agreements with a variety of small and large businesses across Australia to offer internships where you will receive top-notch training and experience in your career area.

We offer two different internship programmes;

  • A summer internship is designed for you to work during the university summer holiday period. Summer internships last at least 10 weeks, although stay up to 12 weeks to maximise your time off;
  • Graduate internships are available to start at any time of year and last between 3 and 6 months.
How we work

To find the right opportunity for you, we will take your CV and discuss it with a selection of companies in Australia who we believe meet your requirements for an internship. That’s right, you tell us what kind of experience you would like to gain from your placement!

The majority of our internships are unpaid; this means that we are able to place you in higher-level roles than we would if it was a paid position. The employers that we work with, know you are there to learn, so you won’t be stuck making the tea, or doing the photocopying, you will be getting real tasks and assignments to pick up as much experience as possible.

We will not try and fit you into a position that already exists, but will be designing an internship with the employers that exactly fits your needs.

Working in Australia

Although we would love to help as many students as possible get an internship in Australia, we do have to abide by certain rules set by Australian Immigration! To be eligible for an internship, you must therefore ensure that you are eligible to work in the country. This means you should either be able to travel on a Working Holiday Visa (subclass 517 or 562 – see our website for more information) or hold citizenship in either Australia or New Zealand.

The longest placement we are able to offer to anyone travelling with a Working Holiday Visa is 26 weeks (approximately 6 months) due to restrictions in place on this particular visa.


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