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At RMP Enterprise, our mission is to inspire young people to take the first steps in their career. One important thing to know is that we are the brains behind this very website! RateMyPlacement.co.uk was launched twelve years ago because of the personal experiences of our founders Ali, Ollie and Chris when they were on their placement year at university. Their struggle to find key information about placement opportunities inspired them to launch this website so that they could help students - just like you - in making important decisions about their careers.

Twelve years later, they still sit beside us everyday, reminding us why we are here and why what we do matters. It’s a flat structure so that everyone across the company interacts with people at all levels and are afforded a huge amount of autonomy in their work.

Our what

Hitting 70,000 student-written reviews, working with over 350 clients and a database of over 100,000 students using RateMyPlacement are just a few of our achievements in the last few years...

RateMyPlacement was the first product to be founded; now we have a happy family of four different products that all work together harmoniously to help employers attract and engage young people with their early talent programmes. RateMyApprenticeship.co.uk, On-Campus Promotions and RMP Connect all sit under the RMP Enterprise umbrella!

RateMyPlacement is the UK’s leading website for undergraduate work experience. Receiving almost 3 million student visitors each year, we work with over 350 clients across a wide range of industries to promote their brand and undergraduate opportunities to our audience of career-conscious students.

On-Campus Promotions works closely with our clients to plan and deliver on campus campaigns, targeting the right students in innovative and engaging ways through the use of student Brand Ambassadors, digital campaigns and events on campus.

RMP Connect is revolutionising the way that employers attract early talent into their organisations. Our innovative software lets employers create their own self-sufficient talent pipeline, using data and automation to streamline the entire attraction process and significantly improve ROI.

RateMyApprenticeship.co.uk aims to provide school and college leavers with relevant and engaging peer-to-peer information about Apprenticeships and School Leaver Programmes as well as other school leaver opportunities such as Sponsored Degree Programmes, Gap Year Programmes, Traineeships and work experience.

Our how

Even though you might expect it, the success we have seen over the past decade has not gone to our heads. We’re a hard-working bunch and we have a strong culture of reward and recognition, and celebrate all the successes we can. Our team of Culture Champions work hard to ensure a positive working environment for all, and instill the mindset that recognition isn’t just for those who shout the loudest.

To help us all do the best we can when we’re at work, we have five core values that we incorporate into our everyday...

  • Enhance - be continuously improving
  • Passion - be inspirational
  • Innovate - be the change
  • Collaborate - be supportive
  • Achieve - be the success

Over the past few years we’ve invested heavily in our people. From improving internal efficiencies with various software, increasing our training budget and moving to a wonderful new office, we work hard to provide an environment that is conducive to individual and team success. Success, at that, isn’t getting everything right the first time. We have a strong learning culture and embrace that making mistakes is an important part of that.

We’re a company of 50 people based from a HQ in Brixton, London. As a small business, every single person counts and makes a real impact on business performance. If you want responsibility and opportunity from day one - RMP is the place for you.


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"I thoroughly enjoyed my placement year with RMP Enterprise Ltd. The whole team was exceptionally friendly and helped me feel at home very early on in my placement. I was given endless opportunities to develop my workplace and marketing skills, whilst also..." Read full review


"I loved my year at RMP Enterprise and was definitely sad to leave! Everyone in the team is very friendly and made me feel welcome straight away, and the work you get involved with is varied and interesting. I was given a lot of responsibility but never fe..." Read full review

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