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Opportunities Offered:
Internship (1-4 Months) Placement Year (10 Months+)
Construction/Trades Engineering Science/Research Information Technology

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About Atkins

With Atkins, you’ll be joining a team who help to create a world where lives are enriched through the implementation of our ideas from moving people across London faster on Crossrail through to solving the energy challenges of the future.

Our work covers a range of sectors including Transportation, Water, Aerospace, Defence, Energy, the Built Environment, Digital and Cyber. If you’re looking to get a head start in your career, then considering a placement at Atkins could be just the option.

If you're currently at university a placement is a great way to gain valuable experience to support your degree and get some essential industry exposure. Here at Atkins we offer two types of placements:

  • Summer placements; these are for students at university and they’re available for all degree years. Usually these last a minimum of 12 weeks, just enough time to give you an insight into working life and life inside Atkins.
  • Industrial placements; these are longer placements for students who have the option to take a year out and work with an employer. They typically last between 8 and 12 months. Here you’ll really get the opportunity to immerse yourself in Atkins life.

There are lots of benefits to doing a placement with Atkins:

  • It’s great experience to take back into university to support your degree and it’s certain to boost your confidence in your business skills.
  • It’s a good insight into Atkins and the world of work. You’ll have direct access to exciting, complex projects and major clients whilst receiving world-class training.
  • You’ll get unrivalled business experience that will help you get ahead of the game. If you’ve done at least 12 weeks’ work with us, then you could get nominated straight onto our Graduate Development Progamme.

At Atkins, we create a great community with over 300 talented individuals joining our graduate development programme each year, participating in sports, charitable and social events – achieving and having fun together. As part of your placement scheme you’ll get a glimpse of all the fun things you can get involved in so that once your placement has finished you’ll want to keep in touch. We hope you might come back for a second placement year or that you’re lucky enough to join our Graduate Development Programme.

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  • Student Design Engineer

    From the outset, I was given a lot of responsibility so I was able to get really involved with high profile projects straightaway, which made you feel you were making a valid contribution to the company...


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  • Summer Student

    I thoroughly enjoyed my internship and was able to appreciate the benefits it brought to me....


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  • Summer Placement

    I really enjoyed my placement at Atkins. My colleagues made every effort to provide me with extra knowledge and insights into the engineering world. They made every job I worked on interesting and fun...


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