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At Aldi, we’re committed to giving talented students the responsibility and opportunities to have the best start to their career. So, whether you join our Retail Management, Buying, IT, Supply Chain Management, Global Business Coordination or eCommerce Placement you choose you’ll be in the thick of the action from the start.

You’ll join the 5th largest retailer in the UK and one of Rate My Placement’s Top 100 Undergraduate Employers and over the year, you’ll experience early responsibility as well as rare exposure to the internal workings of Aldi. With determination and extraordinary focus you’ll learn a lot about yourself, as you tackle brand new situations and prove your worth in our fast-paced retail environment.

Yes, it’s demanding – but we provide incredible support. Plus, you’ll have the chance to apply for a permanent role after you graduate.


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Awarded 4th in Retail Top 100 Undergraduate Employers 2020 - 2021


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"Throughout my year I experienced tough conversations, moments of self-doubt & uncertainty in decision making; however, as I look back, it has been the greatest opportunity to develop and learn I could've asked for. The immediate and sustained responsibility - and the various new challenges that come with it - forced me to deliver my best performance, and when I still fell short, it became a huge opportunity to learn how to get it right next time. Aldi is supportive of those who make mistakes while attempting to achieve their best result, and henceforth, is a fantastic place to learn what you are capable of and how to push beyond that." Read full review


"Tasks: - Ensure that scheduled code has run correctly and provide reporting support to business where needed. - Project meetings. - Streamlining and maintenance of reports to keep them up to date with business needs. - E-learning Interactions: - SQL development assistance from colleagues. - Project management discussions. Responsibilities: - Support over the reports I developed. - Covering colleagues on leave. - Assisting team mates who are over-loaded. Projects: - Large scale hardware upgrades to ALDI's reporting infrastructure. - Small/medium scale reports that various departments of the business have requested. - Excel support to areas of the business lacking developer know-how." Read full review

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Opportunities offered:

  • Placement Year (10 Months+)

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