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The NHS has looked after people across the nation for 70 years. We’re still going strong, but we’re also going through an unprecedented period of change. The UK population is living longer, our services are needed as much as ever, and we have to achieve efficiency savings of £20 billion over the next few years. It’s a huge challenge, and to help meet it, we’re embracing a more collaborative and supportive approach. And we need to raise the profile, performance and impact of leaders in health. As NHS England’s Chief Executive – and scheme alumni Simon Stevens said, “As NHS managers we’re not just in the business of performance; as NHS leaders we’re in the business of change.


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"Submitting key PPE figures to national bodies which determine PPE we receive, ensuring we do not run out of any. Manipulating burn rates to adjust to rise or fall in demand, attending meetings with key stakeholders to address any issues. Raising requisitions for wards/departments, creating purchase orders for suppliers. Answering any queries there may be. Handling any field safety notices and ensuring appropriate action was taken if we held any affected products on site." Read full review


"Me and the team provided short term intensive treatment to individuals with a range of mental health conditions. The day-to-day responsibilities involved going on home visits and talking to the individuals about things such as how they were coping, and how we could support them. We also took medication is and carried out assessments to evaluate if an individual‘s mental state was improving or not. In some cases the home treatment team wasn’t able to provide enough support so the individuals have to be admitted into hospital; these are individuals who are very acutely unwell and will not cooperative with the team. But in most cases and the individuals made improvements and were able to be discharged to a community team. The difference between the home treatment team and the community team is that the treatment team provides more intensive support so we often carried out visits two or three times a day for the same individual. Whereas a community team has a larger caseload so may only see the individual once a week maybe even less." Read full review

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