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Jing is a Manager in our Management Consulting practice. Originally from China, she joined the firm on our Graduate programme after completing her Master’s in Intercultural Communication at Sheffield University.

“It was a bold decision - I studied Radio and TV Journalism in China, and then decided to come to the UK for further study on my own. After one year of postgraduate study, I was made an offer to join PwC’s Consulting team. Now, six years on, I’m a Programme Manager in the private cluster and I’m currently supporting the management of a multi-million pound programme for an industry leading private client across their global territories. I’m proud of my journey and I think I made a great choice in joining PwC.”

Jing’s success was the result of hard work, dedication and perseverance and she’s thrilled with how she’s been able to progress during her time here - especially through some of the challenges she faced. 

“As someone who didn’t have a business degree and hadn’t lived in the UK for long I faced a lot of challenges when first starting my career at PwC. I had to use my second language to solve complex problems for my clients, in their language and thinking style. This meant I had to work really hard to pick up new ways of working and thinking, and leverage my skills to manage senior clients. Having been through that journey, I understand how overwhelming it can be, so I founded an international community to help my peers who face similar challenges.”

Recently Jing was recognised as a TechWoman100 winner, and this marks a special moment in her career. “It’s a sweet surprise. When I first joined, I knew nothing about technology and I would never have expected to win such a great award. I feel lucky to be surrounded by such great colleagues and role models at PwC - they’ve given me advice and support throughout my journey. I wouldn’t be here without them.”

Not only has Jing fully immersed herself in her work - she’s also made sure that she’s getting stuck into extracurricular activities that she loves. She’s a lead singer in a PwC band, and she’s had the chance to perform crowd favourites at multiple client events and PwC socials. She’s also a keen foodie and she’s always happy to share her recommendations for the best Chinese food around. She’s even been known to give Chinatown food tours to her colleagues in Birmingham and London.

If Jing’s story has inspired you to explore a career in Consulting at PwC, her top advice for you would be to:

  1. Avoid worrying too much about coming from a non-Consulting related background - focus on showing that you have the potential to be a great consultant.
  2. Ensure you do plenty of research on PwC and Consulting before applying.
  3. Be open to new challenges and push yourself out of your comfort zone - you could end up in an unexpected and exciting career.

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