Marketing Placement

Marketing Placement

Having the opportunity to take a break from my studies and work at Johnson & Johnson on a placement year has enabled me to become the young working professional I am today. My expectations of working on placement were completely different to what they are now. The first initial shock was how much responsibility I have on various projects throughout the business. The projects which I am leading on can ladder up to be crucial to the business and I feel a great sense of achievement with my participation. Often whilst studying at university it is hard to imagine how you can apply your own theoretical knowledge to working life situations. My placement year has enabled me to visualise the past 2 years of working theory. I already feel confident that when I return to study, I will have a greater understanding of marketing to apply in lectures, seminars and essays.

Having never lived out of the North East before starting placement, I expected the initial transition to be hard. However, being part of such an amazing placement community and a strong cultured work environment allowed me to settle in very quickly. I now see that relocating from home was the first step in beginning my career. There are around 25 placements on the Maidenhead campus and we regularly socialise outside of work – just last year we flew to Europe for a weekend break together! My awareness of the digital market is broadening day by day and being socially conscious to stay up to date with market I believe will only further assist in my final year of study. To assist with the development of my skills I complete weekly training sessions online supplied from J&J DCoE (digital centre of excellence). The various training and development opportunities you receive at J&J regardless of your level can only help shape your future.

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