Michal Wisniewski

Engineering Year in Industry

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Liverpool, University of
  • Placement Year (10 Months+)
  • E.ON UK

My Year working at E.ON

I got a lot of responsibility with E.ON, and because I was just on my year in industry that was something really special. For example, the best assignment I had was the start-up cost project. It saw me, along with my team, re-evaluating costs when sites changed their running regime. It was thrilling to know my work could influence such massive decisions.

The responsibility and independence were really important aspects of the scheme for me. But the people were the best thing about it. Though a lot of my work was independent, the responsibility didn’t weigh too heavily on my shoulders because I knew I could count on the rest of my department for support when I needed it. I’d heard E.ON were a really good undergraduate employer. They more than met my expectations – in no small part because of the warm and welcoming people I worked with there.

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