Engineering Leadership Program Intern

Shalimar Ali


Placement (10 Months+)

To what extent did you enjoy your placement / internship?

I loved my internship. Interns and recent graduates made up the majority of the department, making the workplace incredibly dynamic. I felt as though I could relate to my co-workers as we were all at a similar place in our lives. The work itself was enjoyable in that there was something different to do every day. As well as the day-to-day, we were given opportunities to create content, visit customers and more, so that the job didn’t feel static.

How much responsibility were you given during your placement / internship?

I was given almost as much responsibility as a recent graduate during my placement. I was allowed to manage calls from key customers and given the opportunity to co-teach customer training courses as well.Interns were given the opportunity to go out on marketing events on their own and I was personally given the chance to lead a hands-on event to university students on my own. I was treated with as much respect as any of my colleagues.

How did National Instruments prepare you for your placement / internship?

Leading up to the start of the internship, I was in regular contact with my manager so that I was well prepared, from appropriate work-wear to transport arrangements. During the first eight weeks of the placement I went through a training period consisting of formal courses, hands-on sessions and sessions on company history and etiquette. Beyond that, each week the department had a casual team meeting and a formal training session led by someone within the department.

Would you want to return to work full time at National Instruments and if so, why?

I’d definitely appreciate the chance to work full time at National Instruments. The atmosphere at the office is something I’m sure is hard to find elsewhere, based on conversations with interns from other companies. The work itself is quite varied and lends itself to many travel opportunities, both within the country and overseas. Also, based on my short time here, there seems to be many opportunities for advancement both within the department and across other departments.

What was the application process like?

National Instruments hosted a three-stage application process. The first was an application form detailing personal and educational information, why I wanted to work for National Instruments and a technical concept that interested me. The second stage was an interview that expanded on the details of my application form and the third was an assessment centre, consisting of personal and technical interviews, a presentation on the technical idea from my initial application, technical tests and a group activity.

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