Management Trainee Placement

Lucy Blackshaw


Placement (10 Months+)

The role

One of my favourite parts about working for Enterprise is that every day you are faced with different scenarios and new challenges. Whilst still being able to enjoy speaking with customers and helping them out, there are so many other aspects to the role such as building relationships with our corporate clients and local vendors, body shops and dealerships with regular marketing visits.


There have been many highlights over the past 12 months, from being a finalist in the intern of the year awards and sales and service competition wins to setting up successful corporate accounts and building relationships, but my biggest highlight is the charity work. During my placement year, I’ve been able to participate in Children in Need, Mind and the Foodbanks. Over the year I have been able to attend endless fundraising events at schools, hotels and balls as well as attending a meeting at the BBC Bridge House studios in Media City where we also got a tour around the studios as well as being able to sit on the famous red sofa, which is something you don’t do every day! I also got to feature on the BBC live show where I stuck a pie in one of our branch managers face on national television. This year I have been invited onto the Children in Need national team to look after their social media accounts, which just goes to show the opportunities are endless.

Surprised me the most

What most people don’t realise, including myself before I began the internship, is that Enterprise is so much more than just a car rental company and instead a mobility provider. There are so many different career paths to take with Enterprise that you can tailor to suit yourself. As I study finance at university, accounting is something that has really appealed to me and it made me so happy when I found out Enterprise can help you become a qualified accountant by sponsoring you whilst you sit the ACCA examinations.

What I’ve learnt

The amount of knowledge and experience I have gained over the year is crazy! From delivering exceptional customer service to being able to generate sales and negotiations as well as fine-tuning general skills like teamwork, communication, resilience and leadership. It has been an absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to learn from the best and have supportive managers who love to see their employees succeed and take their time to offer quality training and support.


Something that really sets Enterprise apart from other companies is the culture within the workplace. I have made so many friends for life, who I go out with all the time after work, one friend in particular I see pretty much every day and we have been on loads of holidays with many more to come and we met through both working for Enterprise. Although you’re working with your friends it doesn’t take away from the hard-working culture we have as everybody is like minded that they want to work hard to succeed to celebrate wins with our fantastic balls and nights out, it’s in our founding values that ‘we work hard and reward hard work’. Another great part of the culture is that ‘our doors are always open’ and I know I have so many different people to talk to if I needed who would all genuinely care and take the time to listen to me and take action. It’s like we’re one big family who all look out for one another.

Enterprise is definitely the place to kickstart your career and gain valuable business experience all whilst having fun and making friends for life. I would recommend this internship/grad scheme to anybody from any course. Definitely not just business courses, which people sometimes think but I have worked with people who have done sports, neuroscience and law degrees. As my internship draws to a close, I can look back at my year and be proud of all I have accomplished, and I am already looking forward to coming back working full time after my degree.

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