Business Management Intern

Priya Visana


Placement (10 Months+)

I look after our Credit Hire, Damage Recovery Unit, Vehicle Repair and Risk Management Support functions. My main responsibilities include travel and expenses for over 600 employees, ensuring day-to-day operations continue with supplier management as well as month-end statement preparation of our monthly management accounts.

What have been your highlights?

The ones that stand out are completing my first statement in October, I was three months into my placement year and had no previous experience of carrying out accruals or posting entries. Getting to the finals of the “Intern of the Year 2023” competition was a massive highlight for me..

What have been your challenges?

I would say the biggest challenge in my placement so far has been the sharp learning curve right at the start. For the first few weeks I was slightly overwhelmed with the amount of information I had to process but also learning the day to day jargon was difficult for me, but this is the case in any new job and I was lucky to have an incredibly supportive team around me which made the onboarding that much easier.

What have you learnt from your experience in the role?

My main takeaway from this year is the importance of teamwork and how having a supportive team affects every aspect of my work. Experiencing what life was like on a day to day basis in Accounting was invaluable for me as it cemented for that this is what I want to continue to do in the future.

What advice would you give to a student following in your footsteps

Research the company beforehand and make sure the company values match your own as during my time at Enterprise I have learnt that the values are something they truly believe in. During the interview process be confident in yourself as they place a high value on authenticity, honesty and teamwork. Above all, if you are lucky enough to secure a placement with the company make the absolute most of it and take every opportunity given as time flies by!

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