Naval Architect Industrial Placement Engineer


Mechanical Engineering

Placement (10 Months+)

Why did you join the BAE Systems Industrial Placement programme?

I decided to join the programme after attending a company talk at my university. The grads and placement students who hosted the talk came across as extremely passionate, driven and supportive; key attributes I consider for a good team environment. When they spoke about the challenging work they do on a day-today basis, this made me more interested in what BAE Systems had to offer to aid my growth.

What do you do as part of your role in your industrial placement and where are you based?

I am a Naval Architect for the Queen Elizabeth Class Carriers in HM Naval Base, Portsmouth. This role is different to my background in Mechanical Engineering but the challenge of trying something outside of my comfort zone was exciting. My day-to-day role often involves me going on board the carriers and communicating with ship staff about any work requests they have raised, I will then carry out inspections. Using this information, I will design an appropriate solution with the help of other engineers in my team and compile all of my work into a report which is reviewed by various stakeholders. My team also look at request for new equipment and we determine if the equipment meets the requirement it’s needed for and if it is safe.

What impact do you think you have in your role and how has it made you feel being a part of it?

I believe I have a fair amount of impact in my role especially when I am working alongside ship staff when they raise work requests. I am the only placement student in my whole team but I am treated as a team member (something that some of my friends in other companies haven’t experienced). They are happy answering questions I may have around engineering or the company itself.

What is it like to work at BAE Systems outside of your Day-to-Day job list?

My main stretch assignment is being part of the Hampshire Social Committee, we are a group of grads and placement students from the Hampshire area who plan socials for other grads and placement students. We cater our socials to everyone with recent socials including the New Forest Aqua Park, lasertag, pub crawls and BBQs.

I am also an online private tutor (something I’ve been doing since college) and a member of the Solent Kayak Club (organised by BAE Systems grads). I go to the gym and climb on a weekly basis with other BAE Systems members.

What are some of the best things about this programme?

Meeting new people! Expanding my network with other grads and placement students has been great because we’re all going through similar experiences and I have also made new friends. Also interacting with people who have been working for the company for years has been beneficial for my development, a lot of people in HM Naval Base, Portsmouth is that most people are part of the navy or are ex-navy personnel so they’re able to offer a new perspective.

What would you say to other women to encourage them to consider a STEM career?

If it’s something you’re interested in, just give it a try! Never be afraid to ask questions because the worst answer you’ll get is ‘no’. You will easily meet other like-minded women and you will all be keen to develop each other, which is what makes women in STEM stand out.

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