21 April 2020

Register Now: Work Ready Virtual Experience [FREE]

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There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has caused a stir. A hullabaloo, you might say. The Institute of Student Employers (ISE) has stated that 68% of employers have cancelled work experience and short-term insight opportunities.

That’s left a lot of you feeling uncertain and concerned about your career.

But we have some good news. RateMyPlacement.co.uk has teamed up with Inside Sherpa and Development Beyond Learning (DBL), to launch a free work ready virtual experience. And it’s open to everyone.

So if your placement or internship has been cancelled, or didn’t have anything lined up at all, you can still develop your soft skills virtually by completing this experience online.

What is the work ready virtual experience?

This 4-5 hour self-paced programme consists of a range of free virtual experiences, designed to equip you with all the work-readiness skills you’ll need to ‘get ahead’ in your career.

There’s no need to apply, to submit a CV or even complete an interview.

This experience is open to ALL university students. We want to make sure no student is disadvantaged by COVID-19 and everyone can develop the key skills employers are crying out for.

Work-readiness skills help students to effectively and seamlessly integrate into the world of work. These skills are highly desired by employers. The faster a student can fit into a working environment, the faster they can start adding value to the business.

Research suggests these skills are critical for success in the workplace, with both employers and students citing them as desirable for improving performance and efficacy.

What can you expect from the virtual experience?

The work ready virtual experience consists of three modules. Each one allows you to build specific skills that translate into the workplace.

As you work through the sections, you’ll be able to compare your work with model solutions created by the RateMyPlacement and DBL team.

#1 Wellbeing and resilience under lockdown

COVID:19 is a unique situation for us all, and it’s brought with it unique challenges. The ability to thrive in challenging environments like this is a valuable skill. This section has been designed to help in this area:

  • Develop the skills to help protect and enhance your wellbeing and resilience.
  • Learn how to adopt positive mindsets and habits essential to sustain performance.
  • Build and be able to demonstrate resilience – the ability to adjust to difficult situations.

#2 Virtual first impressions

First impressions are key to standing out from your competition. This is true when you are adopting a cat, as well as meeting an employer for the first time.

In the current climate, the interactions you will have with an employer will not be in-person, they will be less familiar and much more remote.

That’s why nailing the interactions you do have are so important. In this experience you will:

  • Practise delivering good first impressions in unfamiliar virtual scenarios.
  • Understand the importance of building and sustaining a positive personal brand.
  • Learn how to be heard and seen, without dominating others in virtual interactions.

#3 Remote Networking

Any form of work experience typically offers a benefit in the form of building industry connections. You might think networking is nerve-wracking, but it’s a key skill to master.

For one, it can gift you plenty of opportunities that could enhance your career in the long-term. In this experience you will:

  • Discover handy top tips to help you network effectively in a virtual context.
  • Learn how networking could boost your career and how to maximise every connection made.
  • Have the chance to pre-plan your virtual networking strategy.

What are the benefits of the virtual experience?

Gaining any form of work experience will help you get ahead of the competition when applying for placements, internships and graduate roles. Below are just some of the benefits of completing the work ready virtual experience.

Earn a certificate

Once you’ve completed the work ready virtual experience, you’ll receive a personalised certificate to share with prospective employers and your professional networks.

Set yourself up for success

By completing the programme, you’ll build and know how to demonstrate the soft skills that employers are looking for in candidates.

Do it in your own time

You can complete the experience in your own time and at your own pace. So don’t worry if you have a busy schedule – manage your time as you like!

Leverage this experience in interviews

Next time you have an interview, you can dazzle your interviewer by talking about how you used your free time to pick up valuable skills, that will benefit the organisation.

Make your CV and LinkedIn stand out

This qualifies as useful experience that you can add to your CV and include on your LinkedIn profile, demonstrating that you have developed key practical skills.

Be shortlisted for exclusive opportunities

After you have completed the experience, you’ll be entered into an exclusive pool where RateMyPlacement and Development Beyond Learning will reach out with opportunities for networking events, mentoring programmes and stacks more.

So that’s a quick overview of the basics. Now it’s time to get involved. Click the button below to start the work ready virtual experience, and begin developing the skills employers are after!