29 November 2023

University Initiatives: Supporting Your Mental Health

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The transition from school to university is huge. In the space of two months, you’ve moved from the cosy comfort of your parents’ home to a new one altogether. Not only that. You’re having to balance your studies, manage your finances and make new friends.

Your university is there to support you through your journey and there are wellbeing teams who will guide you with whatever you need.

We’ve pulled together a list of wellbeing initiatives universities have in place to help students like you make the most of their experience. Happy reading! 

As a student at King’s, you’ll have access to a range of mental health services, such as:

  • Counselling (free in-person and online sessions) 
  • Mental health advisors
  • Written resources and techniques to help you manage your thoughts.

Support is available from 9:00am – 17:00 on Mondays to Fridays, evenings and weekends. You can get up to six sessions, but will need to make an appointment first. 

Having money struggles? If your personal circumstances have started affecting your living arrangements, speak to a member of the Money & Housing Advice Service team.

They’ll advise you on funds you can apply for, including the Hardship Fund which can help with rent and bills. 

Wellbeing is everything at Newcastle – so much so that you have a whole day dedicated to it. 

Each Wednesday, you’ll get an online announcement notifying you of all the different ways you can access mental health support (counselling, student support plans, urgent care). 

You’ll get to attend some in-person events too and learn about support services on offer. Among those is pet therapy with Ozzie, the university’s beloved wellbeing cat. He even has a larger Instagram following than the vice chancellor does on X!

To help you through the cost-of-living crisis, Newcastle has introduced a series of practical and financial measures as well, which will no doubt come handy. These include:

  • A free student pantry
  • Warm 24/7 study rooms
  • Participation bursaries to help with tuition fees
  • Emergency meal vouchers for students in crisis situations 
  • Financial support for internship and employment opportunities.

As a student at York, you’ll have access to the Campus Safety team, a team of first aid and mental health specialists who are available 24 hours a day to respond to emergencies.

You’ll have access to the TalkCampus app too, where you’ll get to chat to students all over the world about the ups and downs of university life.

TalkCampus is based around peer support. So you can use it to discuss your problems. Or listen and support others – anonymously of course. 

Prefer speaking to a mental health practitioner or wellbeing officer instead? Open Door is the place for you. All you need to do is make an appointment via their referral form and you’ll be contacted within two working days. 

Appointments consist of six sessions, and are up to one hour long. 

From talking therapies to courses and workshops, Bath will support you with whatever you’re going through and help you find a service outside of university if that’s what’s best for you.

Below is a list of courses you can take:

In addition to the above, the university offers art, gardening and exercise programmes to help you improve your wellbeing, as well as Social Networking Groups, encouraging students who feel lonely and isolated to form meaningful connections and friendships. 

Expect campus walks, cooking sessions, bowling and quiz nights!

Canterbury Christ Church has lots of support in place to help you with your mental health. If your finances are getting you down, you can speak to the university’s friendly wellbeing team. They’ll advise you on funding, budgeting and how to create a study/life balance.

The Chaplaincy offers a confidential listening service too. You can talk to them about anything: relationships, family matters, essay deadlines, or work-related stress. And they’ll happily offer solutions to your issues.

If your situation is urgent, Spectrum.Life, the university’s wellbeing partner, offers 24/7 online, text and telephone support with qualified professionals. The app lets you access tons of e-learning content relating to stress and anxiety, including recipes and Fitbit Fitness Trackers.