Top apps for going back to uni

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Top Apps for going back to uni

Here at RateMyPlacement we have compiled a list of the top apps that we think are essential to your time at uni, and this being RateMyPlacement of course we have star ratings to guide you.


All of the discounts you could ever need all in one place. This must be your first stop before you ever make a purchase whilst at university, the free cheeseburger at MaccyD’s and 50% off at Spotify are both worth their weight in gold!

My homework Student planner

Genuinely an excellent app that really helps when deadlines start to mount and you need to sort your life out in time for coursework deadlines and exams.


A must have, how else will you show the rest of the world that you are on a night out and having the best possible time. Don’t forget to make good use of the filters, they have some excellent ones on there. A slightly lower score than you might expect, purely down the annoying snaps of the inside of a club that you will undoubtedly watch.

Jamie Oliver’s Recipes

This is a great app for when beans on toast and pizza start to get a bit boring. Videos and reviews (you know we love a review) are really cool additions to the app. To make best use you really need to download the full version, that costs so goes down in our ranking as it isn’t as student friendly as a free app!


If your uni uses Blackboard this app is so handy! Lets you see exam and coursework results, also very useful for copying up lecture slides if your lecturer goes too fast. Blackboard can be a real lifesaver in lectures, stopping you from falling behind.

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Just Eat

Perfect for those late night homework sessions or post night out gorging sessions. Just Eat helps to prevent the build up of thousands upon thousands of takeaway leaflets, helping to keep your hallway clutter free. The ability to follow your order is a really cool feature and helps to really manage expectations when hunger settles in.


Make those trips back from clubs and around the city a lot cheaper, also don’t forget to share your code to get £10 off of your fair. You can track your driver and see exactly where they are, you know exactly how much the journey will cost and you don’t need to carry any cash on you to pay. Very student friendly.

Coupons for Student Universe

Again a great way to make that student loan last that bit longer, as I mentioned before, it’s always worth checking before you go out or make a purchase.


Become the saviour of pre-drinks, use the Unidays code to get 50% off. We love that you can subscribe to each others playlists, #Throwbackthursday is an absolute winner. You won’t find a better app for your time at uni.


For when you start to miss mummy.


Browse all available clearing courses and connect with universities in seconds with University Compare’s Clearing App. Search, Chat or call with a university in minutes and secure that course today.

Hopefully these apps will set you in good stead for your freshers 2k16.

If you have any other suggestions leave a comment at the bottom. We want to hear what you think!

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