28 October 2022

Top 5 Uni Meals

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A diet of lager and Nandos can only get you so far.

RateMyPlacement.co.uk is here to tell you that the big box in your kitchen is for more than just decoration. Endless Chilli Con Carne will be a thing of the past with our top five uni meals. Read on for more…

1. Fajitas

Lets taco ’bout Fajitas, the taste of Mexico in a fun little bundle.

  1. Fry some onions, strips of chicken breast and peppers in a big frying pan then add a sachet of fajita seasoning.
  2. Serve in a tortilla with salsa.

It’s quick, tasty and you can make it as spicy as you like!

This is the perfect ratio of tastiness and culinary ease! Impress your housemates by being the only one who can fold the tortilla properly.

2. Baked potatoes

Boil em, mash em, stick em in a stew! The potato is the staple of any student meal plan.

Stab them with a fork and stick them in the oven (or even microwave). You don’t even need to get a baking tray dirty. Garnish them with whatever you like, or whatever you have left in the cupboard.

Your mum will be very proud that you’re eating so healthy.

3. Veggie casserole

There are many different types of casserole, but they all boil down to one thing (see what I did there). Shoving lots of ingredients into a single pan and watching it bubble away.

Saving on meat means saving on cash. So stick to veggies for this one-pot dish.

Onions first, then garlic and courgettes then some tinned tomatoes and lentils. Done.

4. Pasta bake

This would be no list of student food without mentioning pasta.

I could genuinely write a whole article on all the wonderful things pasta can bring to the world. An ode to pasta. Alas, I will narrow it down to the one dish that saw me through 3 years of uni, sausage pasta.

  1. Fry some onions and garlic.
  2. Add chopped up sausages, mushrooms then tinned tomatoes.
  3. While cooking, boil your pasta for around 10 minutes – or however you like your pasta
  4. Spice it up a little bit with some chillies and mustard (trust me)

Pasta bake, not from a jar, but from your own culinary skill.

  1. Fry up onions in a pan and add garlic
  2. Add a tin of chopped tomatoes. Simmer for a few minutes
  3. Whilst simmering, add your pasta to a pot of boiling water, oil and salt
  4. Once done drain and add to the sauce.
  5. Sprinkle with cheese and grill for 3-5 mins.

It may use a few pans, but it’s worth it.

5. Tomato and veg soup

Make as much of this as you like and it can last days – freeze for an even longer lifespan.

  1. Add oil, garlic, onions and celery to a pan and fry for a couple of mins.
  2. Then shove whatever veg you can lay your hands on along with two tins of tomatoes and some veg stock.
  3. Let it simmer away for 30mins

It’s a heart-warming meal that will almost make you forget about the lack of heating in your student halls. Now you have no excuse to ignore your oven. Get cooking!