20 December 2022

The £10k Giveaway: Meet our Winners

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This year, we launched a giveaway that was bigger and better than ever before. We gave £1,000 to 10 lucky first and second year students. That’s right, everyone who signed up to RateMyPlacement.co.uk was entered into our £10K Giveaway.

Our team travelled thousands of miles meeting students like you at Freshers Fairs and Careers Fairs all over the country. Plus, we also branched out online with a digital campaign to reach as many of you as possible.

A whopping 29,000 university students entered the giveaway, and we are so pleased to announce our 10 lovely winners and share what they will be spending their money on…

Alexander Smerdon, Solent University

“I will be putting this money towards a new laptop so I can use CAD remotely and also get some new headphones”

Oliver Bowater, University of the Arts

“I was relieved to win this prize money as I currently run my own business (@con.taina on Instagram) where I make bags and accessories. I am going to use this money to upscale and invest in a new website, tools and materials!”

Precious Leo, University of West London

“I’ve started driving lessons so I’ll be using part of the money on that, and I’ll be buying some items that have been sitting in my shopping wish list. The rest will be used towards uni and outings with friends.”

Angelo Ivin, Sunderland University

“I’m going to save, but I’ll spend some of it on Christmas gifts for my family.”

Elli Bainton , Cardiff University 

“I plan on studying abroad during the summer so the money will help cover the cost of travel, accommodation, etc. I’m beyond grateful, this will be a massive help. Thank you!”

Beatrice Harris, Lincoln University 

“Thank you for the 1k! I’m planning on getting my drivers licence with this, something I wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise.”

Katy Roth, University of York 

 “As an art historian, this money will allow me to view works of art in person without worrying about whether I’ll have the money for lunch, tuition, or travel. This money will allow me to make important university memories, meet new people and succeed in my studies.”

Phang Qian Yu, Imperial University

“I’m so grateful to have been chosen as a winner for this giveaway! This money will be very useful to me, as an international student, living in London is very expensive. I’ll be saving the money mainly for groceries and daily necessities. Perhaps also buy myself a gift for Christmas!”

Molly Snowdon, University of Hertfordshire

“I’m currently on an art course, so I will spend the money on some very needed materials and equipment! Also some Christmas presents for the family.”

Charlie Barrett, University of Birmingham

“I plan to spend this money on some required textbooks for my course, as well as being able to go on a trip to Northern Ireland with my University Hiking Society!”

Thank you so much to everyone who entered our giveaway and congrats to our winners!

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