25 March 2024

Day in the Life: Marketing Placement at ProspectSoft

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Hey, it’s Issy and Khaula, and we’re the Marketing Executive placements at ProspectSoft!

We feel incredibly fortunate to be part of this amazing company and want to take you through a day in our lives to give you a glimpse of the fantastic work culture at ProspectSoft and what a typical day looks like for a Marketing placement student.

Morning: Getting Started

It’s a Friday! So we’re both in the office along with the rest of the placements. We both arrive at the office and catch up with everyone to see what we’ll all be doing throughout the day.

Armed with a hot drink, we make sure to start our day on the right foot. Our priority in the morning is to stay organized and ensure we’re well-prepared for the day ahead. This involves checking our emails, Teams messages and creating a list of tasks to tackle.

After getting a plan sorted, any tasks that may have been left unfinished from the day before must be completed. This means that we can tick off any outstanding tasks and start the day fresh before starting on any new tasks or projects. We both like getting this done first thing as that’s when we’re the most alert and our brains are fully switched on, so we can get the most out of our morning productivity and complete our tasks to the highest standard.

On the last day of each week, Khaula logs on to Google Analytics and completes ‘Source Attribution’ which helps us to track where each new Free Trial and Book a Demo Opportunity comes from. This is done regularly to help us report each Opportunity accurately.

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Late Morning: Content Creation and Recruitment

Mid-morning shifts our focus to our primary tasks of the day. Issy often starts with managing and preparing new social media content. This may include crafting engaging campaigns, promoting the latest blog posts, and upcoming webinars, or sharing customer testimonials. Additionally, Issy ensures the company’s social media is up to date with any overnight activity.

Khaula is currently a hiring lead for next year’s commercial placements, so most mornings consist of checking the hiring portal and completing a variety of tasks. This includes promoting roles, checking CVs and cover letters, conducting telephone interviews, sending out assessment centre invites, and preparing for the assessment centre and Familiarisation Day – there’s so much to do!

At ProspectSoft, our marketing team offers two executive placement roles, each with a distinct focus. One role delves into the creative, design-oriented aspects of marketing, while the other concentrates on copywriting, recruitment, and analytics. As integral members of the marketing team, we find ourselves deeply immersed in creativity, strategy, and innovation, collaborating with a diverse array of individuals and roles within the company.

After a quick break to grab another coffee or snack, we move on to our next tasks.

Which for Issy, is more content creation and working towards completing the bigger projects. This may include;

  • Presentation slide design
  • New social media posts
  • Co-branded material
  • Video content creation.

The current project is a promotional video for our placement website, using programs like Camtasia and Adobe Premiere Pro. Part of the project includes scripting, storyboarding, and editing the video to perfection. It’s a fun and creative task that allows Issy to showcase videography skills.

Khaula makes a start on some copywriting projects she’s been assigned. Currently, she’s working on a monthly newsletter, an email series for new users, and a data protection campaign. These tasks allow Khaula to develop her writing skills and improve transferrable skills like time management, organisation, and independent research. Khaula gets to take part in a variety of projects working alongside many different job roles to fulfil different functions and she has the opportunity to liaise with colleagues she would not otherwise have spoken to.

Lunch: Networking and Learning

It’s a great time to catch up with each other and talk about what going on with everyone’s days. When the managers are working from the office, we never miss a chance to have lunch with each other. It’s a great opportunity to pick their brains about the industry or their roles.

Every third Friday we attend a “What’s New” product training where we’re updated on any new updates in the CRM system. At the office, we get to order a pizza and dig in while we watch. It’s Issy’s responsibility to place the order and expense the purchase. This is a fun task but requires scheduling and planning skills to pull it off every three weeks to avoid the placements going hungry!

Afternoon: Data cleansing & Learning

In the afternoon, we may start to work on our ESP (Employee Success Plans) objectives. Since we have been acquired by The Access Group, we have individual objectives and goals to work towards throughout the year. This includes long-term and short-term goals that are a mix of self-improvement tasks and company initiatives. Currently, Issy engages in LinkedIn learning courses to build up CV credibility and works on our company’s Social Initiative Plan to grow ProspectSoft’s LinkedIn following with reputable prospects and customers.

Khaula’s goals are somewhat similar as they include LinkedIn courses on Google Analytics, Content Marketing, and B2B Marketing. As well as these, Khaula aims to write a series of blogs in collaboration with Unleashed, an Inventory Management Software company.

The next task on Khaula’s list is keeping on top of the company blogs. At the start of each quarter, she creates a detailed schedule for all the blog uploads. The blogs are written by everyone in the marketing team – to ensure we all get a go at writing! She also creates a blog plan for the ProspectSoft placement website where each placement contributes to further their personal development and build soft skills. She’s in charge of proofreading the other placement’s blogs and passes them on to Issy to be published.

Issy moves over to some data cleansing, which is an important job that focuses on clearing up and sorting through the accuracy of our data within our systems. Although this can be a tedious job – it’s essential for the upkeep of our data accuracy and makes a massive difference to the other teams like sales and onboarding.

Khaula works on creating and adding help articles for staff to use in their respective departments. The articles are also used by CRM users to troubleshoot problems and learn about the software’s capabilities. This job is very important to keep each client happy and get the most out of the CRM. It also eases the pressure on our customer support so we’re very happy to do our part!

End of the Day: Beer Friday

As it’s a Friday we get to switch off early ready for the weekend and enjoy a beer or non-alcoholic drink with the rest of the team in the office before we make our way home. We also love a good quiz, which can get a bit competitive from time to time but we enjoy testing everyone’s general knowledge! It’s a great way for us to end a productive work week.

Day done!

As Marketing Executive placements at ProspectSoft, our days are filled with creativity, innovation, and opportunities for personal and professional growth. We view our roles as enriching experiences that allow us to make a real impact on the business while developing valuable skills. No two days are the same here, providing a dynamic and engaging work environment. We’re excited about what the future holds and the post-graduate adventures in the Marketing world.

We hope this insight gives you a better understanding of the diverse tasks a marketing placement involves. The variety keeps things exciting, and there’s always something new to explore and contribute to.

If you can see yourself in this role then don’t hesitate to apply over on placements.prospectsoft.com.