Free Motorcycle? The Potential Perks Of Doing An Internship

We’ve heard of a lot of unique perks and bonuses being offered to interns from huge companies, such as outrageous salaries from Facebook and Google, but this is a new one even for us!

Recently Harley-Davidson announced a new "Find Your Freedom" internship programme that sounds like great fun! As part of the student internship, 8 full-time interns will be paid to go on an epic road trip on a Harley to “chronicle their summer on social media”.

You don’t even need to know how to ride a motorcycle as lessons are included and you get to keep the bike at the end of the 12 weeks!

This amazing opportunity in the US got us thinking of the best internship perks available here in the UK. While we wait for the chance to ride around the country on a brand new Harley, here’s what we found:

If you can secure yourself an internship with BrewDog one of the best perks on offer is Pawternity leave! Essentially, this perk allows you to take time off if you buy/adopt a new four-legged friend!

If live music is more your thing, Buzzfeed UK get some of the biggest British musicians into their office every Thursday to perform.

Want to take a look through the latest internships available on the RateMyPlacement website?

An internship with Warner Brothers can give you the chance to attend movie premieres alongside some of the stars of the films.

Ever wanted to work in a castle? If you get an internship with comparison site you can do just that. The company recently moved their employees to a renovated castle that comes equipped with a Star Wars themed Cinema!

Usually, when you start at a company you'd expect them to get you some sort of welcome gift. This isn't the case for Neon Play. When you start working for this company, they give you £100 to buy something to make the office a more enjoyable place!

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