18 May 2021

Find Work Experience With The Best Student Employers in 2021-22

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Welcome to RateMyPlacement.co.uk. Now that you’ve read this year’s guide to the Best Student Employers of 2021/22, it’s time to lock down a job with one of them.

So, how can we help? 


Find a role that fits you from the 400+ placements, internships, insights and virtual experiences on our jobs board.

Vacancies can be found in every corner of the UK, in 14 different industries; including Construction, Engineering, Finance, Law and Technology. 

(To save time scrolling through irrelevant jobs, you can filter by job length, industry and location to quickly narrow down your search.) 

We champion employers who pay ALL of their employees a fair wage, which is why we only advertise paid work experience. Last year, the average salary for an internship was £22,291 (pro-rata), so there’s zero reason to undersell yourself. 


Read honest feedback from students and get the inside scoop on what it’s like to work for a company – before you apply. 

RateMyPlacement.co.uk is home to thousands of reviews of work experience schemes, all of which were written by the students who completed them. (Think of us like TripAdvisor, but for placements and internships instead of hotels in Lisbon.)

These reviews contain information you won’t find anywhere else. Fun stuff like “there’s always cake on Fridays”, as well as career turn-offs like “there isn’t enough work for interns”. Making them a superb place to start your search.


Get career advice to guide you through every stage of your search for work experience.

Updated regularly by the RateMyPlacement Team and guest bloggers, our blog is packed with everything you need to know about the options available to you at university, and how to get there. Featuring…

  • How to Write a Student CV
  • 8 Steps to Create the Ultimate LinkedIn Profile
  • Is a Placement Year Worth It?
  • What to Expect From a Virtual Assessment Centre
  • What Are My Rights on Work Experience?
  • The Student Placement Survival Guide

…and much, much more.


Whether you’ve got your heart set on a career in Consulting or you’re still sussing out your options, it’s always worth doing some proper research.

Our industry insights offer in-depth overviews of some of the UK’s biggest, and most exciting, sectors to work in. They contain everything you need to know to launch a career in your chosen industry, including… 

  • Career options
  • How to find work experience
  • Best student employers in the industry
  • Application tips
  • Salary information
  • Live jobs board